Tuesday update

Apologies for the break from the blog. There was so much going on at BBQ Fest that I just didn’t have time to post, and let’s just say yesterday turned out to be a crazy day. But today I’m back!

I thought The Moody Ques had a stellar year at BBQ Fest. We got third place in Best Booth, which we really were not expecting. We had a simple wrap designed by our artist Sarah Dalesandro, rather than an elaborate structure. However, I guess the images of Colombia we had on our wrap resonated with the judges.

The ancillary competitions were a problem for everyone. Due to weather (at least that’s what Memphis in May is saying), the park was closed from 1:30 to 4:30 Friday afternoon. That caused turn-in times to be pushed back. Some teams had to throw their food out and did not bring enough to make a second round of their ancillaries at the later turn-in time.

As for the main event for our team, competition shoulder, we did not get in the top 10 for a trophy, but the results were encouraging. All three judges came back after judging to talk to us about the shoulder and the presentation. We were complimented on the texture and flavor and got at least one perfect 10 from a judge. We also received some useful advice on how to improve.

Most of you have probably seen this by now: Last Thursday a man passed out on a car at a lot at Riverside and Carolina. The lot was poorly lit and the couple who owned the car drove over 10 miles, all the way to 240 and Lamar, with the man asleep on the trunk. It’s amazing that he didn’t fall off into traffic. A police officer pulled the car over and informed the driver that the man was back there.

Here’s another “this is SO Memphis” story: Three people shot at vigil to remember man killed by stray bullet last year

Bleu will have their monthly wine tasting dinner Thursday night from 6 to 9. It will be hosted by Bobby Maupin of West Tennessee Crown Distributors. $60 plus tax and gratuity, and 3 hours of free valet parking will be provided. Here’s the menu.

The MBJ has a photo gallery of new candy store Beale Sweets Sugar Shack at 156 Beale.

MATA is hiring:

Cafe Pontotoc is hiring servers.

If you do the Grizzlies room at the new Memphis Escape Rooms at Main and G.E. Patterson, be sure to take a picture and tweet it to be eligible to win some prizes including premium seats or autographed swag.

Pool season is here! The Shelby County health department has some important advice:

That’s it for now. Back at work and I will be out at one of my favorite spots afterward.