Photos: BBQ Fest 2017

I finally got around to getting my BBQ Fest photos off the camera. I was dreading doing it, because Picasa is no more and I figured it would take forever to go through the photos and crop and edit them. Surprise, surprise, though… Windows finally comes with a photo program that doesn’t suck. As I stated in an earlier post, I focused on the food more than I have previous years.

Our booth design. We got 3rd in Best Booth. Besides winning the award, it was nice to have a front porch area this year.

Our 3rd place Best Booth trophy. Always nice to have some hardware to display on the bar.

Smoked sausage, a nice simple appetizer for Wednesday night.

Of course, you can’t have smoked sausage without cheese. Well, you could I guess, but it wouldn’t be much fun.

Otto relaxing

A mighty fine looking pan of pulled pork shoulder, the Moody Ques’ main competition category.

Orzo pasta salad by Aaron

Chocolate chip brownies for dessert

Here’s a photo of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.

Frank injecting a shoulder

Need to cool off there buddy?


Our inside sign

Asa and Uncle Ray

Front porch

This beef that came off the grill for lunch Friday was absolutely delicious. We’re more than just a pork shoulder team!

Boxing it up for the judges

Serving it up for the team

Sapana’s famous gummy bears soaked in booze

Here’s another photo of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.

Bacon-wrapped jalapenos. Seth, you should’ve come by Friday night!

Here’s another photo of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.

Whoever brought these peanut butter cookies on the right, thank you. They were SO good!

Full photo album is on the Moody Ques website. I think there may be a few duplicates of photos due to HTTP errors the first time I tried to upload, but hey, two photos are better than none.

That’s it for now, off to D-RANKS with… well, not B-RAD, he’s with his family on Spring River. Later today I want to get by Belle Tavern and check out those garage door windows. I’m off tomorrow, so I may go late into the night.