Tuesday update

This weekend I heard about a very interesting AirBnB location. Tourists I met at the Blind Bear on Saturday told me they were staying at an urban camping site. It was on a gated, fenced, well-protected lot on Carolina near the candy store and the cash & carry. They stayed in a tent that was very nicely furnished, and there was a shower tent people could use as well. “The guy who runs it just couldn’t be nicer,” they told me. “He wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. It was very inexpensive compared to Downtown hotels. At night he built a campfire and we sat around and drank beer.” Very very cool. I would love to know more about this, if anyone has info.

I hope all my readers survived Saturday night’s storm. It was terrible, but what happened Sunday was an example of what a wonderful community we have here. All over Facebook there were offers to help those affected by the weather. “I’ll be here all day if anyone needs to use my shower.” “I have hot coffee if anyone needs it.” “I have a chainsaw and can come to you.” “I’m opening the restaurant early for anyone who wants to sit in the A/C and charge their devices.” “I have a spare generator I’m not using.” I remember an interview with Mr. Rogers in which he said his mother told him, in times of tragedy, look for the helpers. He wouldn’t have had to look very far in Downtown Memphis this past weekend.

Tiger Woods got a DUI over the weekend. His mug shot was all over Twitter, and it clearly had the look of a man who realized his career was officially over. On TruTV there’s a World’s Dumbest Criminals show with Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding, Leif Garrett, and Todd Bridges doing commentary. Tiger, that’s your future.

The Front Porch, the restaurant in Beale Street Landing which is being operated by Patrick and Deni Reilly of the Majestic Grille, now has a Facebook fan page you can “Like” to keep up with that is happening there. Applications for back-of-house and front-of-house at the Front Porch can be filled out at the Majestic beginning tomorrow.

Trolley Stop Market is having its 7th birthday party Friday evening. Kids crafts, face painting, prizes to be given away, drink and dinner specials.

Gdansk, Poland will host a Memphis in Poland festival next month.

Post-Memphis in May, Riverside Drive from Beale to Georgia is open again.

Demolition begins on Foote Homes today. It was the last remaining old-style housing project in the city.

That’s it for today. Back at work following the long weekend. I will probably hit happy hour at the Blind Bear after work. Back tomorrow.