Thur update #1

Caller ID spoofing is being widely used by scammers this year. Let’s say my phone number is 901-685-2446. I might get calls from 901-685-4462, or 901-685-1445, or 901-685-2876 – numbers which look enough like mine that I might be tricked into assuming it’s a local call. I’ve also had my own number spoofed as calling me. Andy Wise from WMC-TV 5 reports that a new law is in place allowing for a fine of up to $10,000 per spoofed call placed.

Wise also confirmed that the strategy I use to fight these calls is the best one: Just don’t answer. If the number is not in my contacts, I let it go to voice mail. If the person on the other end has a legit reason to contact me, they will tell me why on voice mail and I can call them back. The problem with answering is, it tells the person on the other end that this is a working phone number that gets answered. Your number will then be put on a marketing list sold to other scammers, and then number of calls you get will increase.

Belle Bistro is adding a charcuterie bar to the restaurant. The owner noted that many restaurants down here have a charcuterie appetizer or dinner plate, but no one has grabbed on to the charcuterie bar concept here in Memphis yet.

The Flying Saucer has an event coming up that is only for members of its UFO Club: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Pairings, four pours of Sierra Nevada collaborations, each paired with a small plate of California favorites prepared by the Saucer’s Chef Louis. It happens Thursday, June 29 at 8 PM. Cost is $25, and again, you must be a UFO Club member to reserve your place for this event. Not a UFO Club member but want to become one? Ask your server or bartender how you can make that happen.

The South Main Association has promised that this month’s South Main Trolley Night, to happen Friday, June 30 from 6 to 9 PM, will take things to a whole new level. The Second Line Jazz Band will lead a Second Line Parade from LYFE Kitchen down Main to Webster Ave. at 6:30, and the GrizzLine drummers will march at 7:00. Special surprises are promised throughout the evening. For those not familiar, the shops and galleries of South Main stay open late the last Friday of each month so people can shop and mingle. Many offer appetizers, booze, and/or discounts.

Also stepping it up is AutoZone Park, promising the largest fireworks display in park history following the 6:35 PM game on Monday, January 3. There will be a special ticket ($20 field box, $23 dugout) that includes an all-American buffet of burgers, dogs, sides, and drinks. The buffet will run from 5:00 to 7:30. Prior to the game, there will be a party on the plaza with live music by the Memphis Yahoos and $2 select draft beers.

The VW Microbus is coming back. The new Bus, however, will be an electric vehicle.

This Bloomberg article is the best I’ve seen yet explaining President Trump’s ties to two names you will hear a lot in the months to come – The Bayrock Group and Felix Sater.

I titled this post “Thursday update #1” because I already know there will be a second post at lunchtime. Check back, because I will have an update at the pedestrian promenade soon to open on Peabody Place, plus at least a couple of other news items.