New Sunday brunch menu at the Silly Goose starts today

One of the reasons the Silly Goose went nonsmoking indoors beginning yesterday is that they are rolling out new menus, and they want the food to be properly enjoyed. The new brunch menu is available 11-5 today. Here it is (click the image to view in a larger size):

They have a Pomme Rosti for $16. If your first reaction to this is, “WTF is a Pomme Rosti?”, you’re in good company. PBS ChefSteps to the rescue.

They also have fried rice, a bacon and egg entree, and a “basic lady” for vegetarians. They also have a variety of sweets. Solid menu that I think I will be a big hit.

They’re rolling out new bar and dinner menus too. I didn’t get photos but there was a duck entree and a friend chickpea appetizer.

Good day yesterday… I led off at Bardog, where Panda played the entire Dark Side of the Moon album on the jukebox. It had been many years since I heard it all the way through. Pure musical genius.

Later in the day I was up at the Silly Goose. You remember those peanut butter cookies that showed up in the Moody Ques’ booth at BBQ Fest? They were back yesterday. Our teammates Jeremy and Jeana brought them, from a bakery in Kennett, Missouri.

A little Internet research revealed that the bakery is named Causby’s and it seems to be pretty famous. Those of you traveling north to catch a Cardinals game might want to make a quick detour to Causby’s to pick up some goodies. Of course it goes without saying that you need to stop at the home of the throwed rolls too.

Almost time for D-RANKS with Jeannette today at the Blind Bear. B-RAD suffered an injury playing football with his son and his friends, so he will be out for a few weeks. I will be at the Bear for a few hours then I have to leave to go conduct some research. I got a lead on a major news story yesterday that will be of interest to people who appreciate the finer things, but I want to check it out for myself before reporting it on here because it sounds almost too good to be true. That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more.