I ordered way too much

Yesterday I had dinner at Bangkok Alley, ordering off the sushi menu. The sushi chef doesn’t play around with quantity of food. I ordered way more than I could eat (and the troll was not much help) so more than half of it is in my refrigerator in a to-go box.

They had a nice selection of craft beers, including some local offerings, at very reasonable prices. I had a Memphis Made Fireside with my sushi.

Fried bananas with ice cream for dessert. This was not the cheapest tab I have ever had, but I decided to treat myself on the first day of my 4-day weekend.

Cerrito Trivia has announced that they will no longer be at the Green Beetle starting this coming week. You can still play Cerrito Trivia and Bingo at Loflin Yard, Tamp & Tap, and The Arcade.

Independent R&B/soul music pioneer Eric Roberson plays the Orpheum tonight.

I swiped my MOU card (Master of the Universe – it replaces your UFO card when you get 5 plates) at the Flying Saucer yesterday… and it worked! I thought it was broken forever, but it turned out the old kiosks, which they got rid of during the renovation, were actually what was broken. I found that I was a little farther along to my 9th plate – 129 beers out of 200 – than I thought. I bumped that number up to 132 yesterday. It’s the first time in several years I’ve made a serious effort to go for a plate. I plan to have it done early to mid October, probably waiting until after Burger Fest so my plate party won’t conflict with a team practice cook.

The Annoying Elvis Tourist will be out today. With his Elvis movie T-shirt, pink bedazzled ELVIS hat, Blue Hawaii lei, sunglasses, Elvis arm band, and pink Elvis coin purse, he is hard not to notice. He is going to run around Downtown and take pictures of people dressed as Elvis. Needless to say, he will be at Stumblin’ Elvis tonight starting at the Flying Saucer at 5. Put on your Elvis or Priscilla gear and stumble with us to some of the Downtown Memphis core’s best bars.

Time to eat some leftover sushi and get this day started. Back tomorrow with more news.