Sunday update

Run. Drink. Eat.

That is all you need to know for today. Monroe Fest, or the Bardog alley party as it has been known in the past, is the place to be this afternoon. Monroe Avenue between Front and Main. Noon to 6. Be there.

I was in Bardog yesterday, and I saw a really nice kayak that is one of the many raffle prizes to be given away throughout the afternoon. Come be a part of this and remember, donations raised go to the kids of St. Jude.

For those of you who know the Send Bob to the Dunk Tank fundraising team, the big payoff for that will be at 2 this afternoon.

I did the Stumblin’ Elvis pub crawl at Flying Saucer, Club 152, and Blind Bear last night. Here are a few pics.

Ariel n me lookin’ all legit. She and I competed in a Big Wheel drag race for a Saucer gift card. Despite falling off the Big Wheel three times before the race started, I somehow managed to win.

Elvis impersonator at Club 152. For a minute I thought that was my neighbor Buddha up on stage.

My neighbor Liz getting her Jailhouse Rock on at Blind Bear for the final stop of the crawl.

Staci stole my Annoying Elvis Tourist outfit. She needs to bring her friend Hot Vegetarian Katie from D.C. down for Burger Fest. Vegetarians love the Moody Ques!

Earlier in the day, I stopped by LYFE Kitchen for some $2 PBR. I got a request for clarification – LYFE has $2 PBR all day, every day, whether or not you are sitting at the bar. I ended up trying another beer too:

Memphis Sands by Wiseacre, a tribute to the pure water in the aquifer deep beneath the ground here, is a light, refreshing beer that is great in the summertime.

Time to get out and about. I’ll lead off with an hour of dranks at the Blind Bear at 11, then over to Monroe Fest. I’ll be there all afternoon, so come say hi!