Good Buddy Day update #2

When I was in high school, we all installed CB radios in our cars so we could communicate when on caravans to football games or other trips. We learned to use the vernacular of the CB. There were “10-” calls which had various meanings. “10-4” was slang for “OK” or “affirmative.”

“That’s a big 10-4, good buddy!”

So 10-4, October 4, is Good Buddy Day. Hey, it isn’t any stupider than May the Fourth Be with You…

Good Buddy is also a starting hand in Texas Hold’em, a 10 and a 4. It isn’t a very good hand. It has no straight potential, and if you pair either card there’s a good chance you’re losing to a hand with a better kicker (this is known as a hand with reverse implied odds). Even suited, I would throw Good Buddy away most of the time, occasionally bluffing hard if I’m the dealer or in the small blind with action folded to me.

There’s a whiskey tasting tomorrow night at Belle Tavern at 7. It will feature J. W. Kelly, the first such tasting in Memphis. Pours start at 7 until supplies last. They will be making specialty cocktails with J. W. Kelly, and there will be snacks.

Memorial service for Memphis wrestling host Lance Russell will take place Saturday at 11 AM at Memorial Park on Poplar.

The Memphis Business Journal has details on Memphis’ plan to attract Amazon’s planned HQ2. This would be a game-changer for Memphis with $10 million invested to improve workforce readiness, to improve public transportation offered by MATA, and to attract direct flights from the Memphis Airport to desired cities not currently serviced.

Big Cypress Lodge at Bass Pro now has a bike rental program available to all guests.

The Grizzlies are looking to hire a Box Office Manager, Ticket Operations. This person would oversee the day-to-day operations of the box office, including sales of tickets to Grizzlies and Tigers games as well as concerts and family events.

Games on Wheels is tomorrow night from 6 to 7:30 on the bike lane outside the Silly Goose on Peabody Place. Cargo Bike Slow Races, Tiny Bike Sprints, and a Memphis Roller Derby performance. Come grab a drink and watch. If you need to park, there are bike racks out front, and the Goose will validate discounted parking in the garage.

Ghost River has announced that, after seeing the recent successes of two Ono Poke Pop-up Lunches, they will now offer the pop-up lunch every Friday from noon to 3.

Keep an eye on the weather this weekend. A tropical depression is expected to strengthen into Tropical Storm Nate, and current track has it to hit the Panama City, FL area Sunday morning with all the force and fury of a man who’s had a few too many shots of moonshine.

Interesting… Ivanka and Don Jr. were nearly indicted in 2012. Things were not looking good for them when a top donor influenced the D.A. to decide the case was not worth pursuing. The Trump children were using inflated numbers to lie to potential Trump SoHo buyers.

That’ll do it for now. An afternoon of work then headed out to the Silly Goose happy hour. Back tomorrow with more news.