Friday update

The Daily News has a fantastic interview with Memphis Tigers head coach Tubby Smith that is a must-read if you follow the team. He responds to common criticisms on talk radio and social media, and discusses how he instills the values players need to succeed on the court and off. For anyone who has listened to Gary Parrish’s recent discussions of the Memphis program under Tubby, you need to read this. I’m not saying you have to stop agreeing with Parrish (nor have I), but you need to be fair and hear both sides. It’s amazing how some people come to judgment having heard only one side of a story.

Got hungry all of the sudden while composing this post. Can’t decide what I want though, probably either breakfast food or hot dogs.

I’m not Downtown for lunch break, so this is not an option for me today, but if you are Downtown, you can now order online from Lisa’s Lunchbox. Just fill out the online order and it’ll be ready when you get there. Then you have the choice of grabbing a table or taking your food with you. They call it the “No Stress Lunch Break.” The East Memphis location has online ordering too.

Two Girls and a Whip at Front and Huling will have Boozy Suzy Brunch (GOSH I wonder who that is named after) tomorrow from 11 AM to 1 PM. There will be courses of savory and sweet cupcakes, each paired with a brunch drink. They will start off with that awesome chicken and waffles cupcake that was served at my building’s Christmas party:

Then the next three courses will be a cornbread cupcake with maple syrup and bacon, a Sausage Baller cupcake, and a Poinsettia cupcake. Space is limited so call 901-472-CAKE or email to save your spot. $25 per person.

Trolley Stop Market will be serving a Hoppin’ John family meal New Year’s Day 11 to 8. This dish is made of purple hull peas, greens, cabbage, pork, and organic rice with homemade cornbread, all from locally sourced products. Good news for vegetarians – there’s a meatless option for you too. $7.99 a plate, $5 for a kid’s plate.

FreeWorld plays The Dirty Crow Inn tonight 9-12.

The Gray Canary, the new Hudman-Ticer restaurant going into Old Dominick Distillery, has set up Facebook page. “Like” the restaurant on there to receive updates.

Liberty Bowl parade and pep rally on Beale Street today:

ESPN’s matchup predictor has Memphis as a 57.1% favorite to beat Iowa State in the Liberty Bowl tomorrow.

Don’t forget, New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday so liquor stores will be closed. Get your booze today or tomorrow.