Girl Scout Cookie @ Bardog Tavern and Sunday news

I don’t order a lot of mixed drinks at bars, but last night a friend introduced me to a good one. The Girl Scout Cookie at Bardog tastes just like my favorite flavor of ice cream, chocolate mint. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, give one a try.

In other cocktail news, Max’s Sports Bar has introduced a new cocktail menu. (Click to view a larger image)

The Maximilian Affair? My, my, Max has come a long way since the days of school lunchroom pizza and cheesy potato bites. Although, I’m pretty sure both of those are still on the menu.

The Brass Door will have an Irish New Year countdown live from Dublin tonight from 5 to 7. $2 Black Velvets.

The Daily Beast had a really interesting 3-part series this past week about the methods the Soviet Union used to recruit spies, even unknowing/unwilling spies. True, the Soviet Union dissolved almost 30 years ago, but remember that before his rise to power, Russian president Vlad Putin was an agent for the KGB. The methods discussed in these articles are very relevant to Russia’s attempts to influence foreign governments today.

LMAO at who attempted to friend me on Swarm yesterday. You know how Facebook has a Close Friends filter? Maybe Swarm needs a Fake Friends filter.

New Year’s Eve tips for those going out:

  • It will be cold. I mean really cold. Like, negative single digits wind chill. Dress appropriately. And if you fail to dress appropriately don’t be that person who ruins everyone else’s night with your constant complaining about how cold it is.
  • Parking Downtown will probably run you 20 bucks. Maybe even 30. And you will be in a traffic jam getting in and out of whatever garage or lot you park in.
  • Don’t tell the doorman you know people (the owner of the bar, owners of nearby bars, well-known people in the service industry) and therefore expect to get in free. Shut up and pay the fucking cover charge. Your attempt to show everyone what a big shot you are is not impressing anybody.
  • Be understanding if the bartender takes 10 minutes to get to you. This is their busiest night of the year. Don’t be the person constantly shouting “Hey!” and snapping your fingers and whistling to get the bartender’s attention. They know you’re there. Wait your turn.
  • If you have a $38 tab, leaving $40 is not acceptable. If you can’t tip 20% don’t go out.
  • Every New Year’s Day the regulars sit at the bar and talk about that person who had a breakdown and started yelling and crying uncontrollably the night before. Don’t be that person.
  • Don’t take shortcuts to your car down alleys or streets that are not well lit. Criminals know it is Amateur Night as well as you and I do.
  • Calling an Uber? Expect to wait two hours to pay $80 for your three-mile ride. Still better than paying for a DUI though.
  • Did I mention it will be cold?

Happy New Year!