Seafood pasta @ Regina’s Cajun Kitchen/Saturday recap/Sunday news

Sometimes you have to break the rules.

Officially my rule is “No more Fireball, ever” and I have held to that since January. However, I try to enforce a rule of “no shots of any kind, anymore” upon myself for good physical as well as financial health.

However, yesterday at Bardog, Panda had her first drink since August, her first since having the baby. I couldn’t pass that round of shots up. I had a Jameson. Welcome back, Panda!

Ashley, Panda and me

I was also celebrating because I helped work out an arrangement to ensure we’ll have great music in our BBQ team booth again this year. The music coming out of your booth that is heard from the sidewalk is part of your team’s brand. I was worried someone would plug their phone into the PA at 10:20 Friday night and start blaring “LAWD I WAS BAWN A RAMBLIN’ MAYUN… MAYUN…” and people would get the idea that we’re all in there wearing Confederate flag T-shirts with the sleeves cut off drinking Busch beer. Happy to have one less thing to worry about.

My troll made another new friend yesterday.

Pink Bunny was a gift from a 3-year-old to her father, a computer programmer with a traveling job. She asked that he take pictures of Pink Bunny at the places he goes. The daughter is now 14 and Pink Bunny has been to 47 states and 9 countries.

I may have given up Fireball but Pink Bunny sure hasn’t.

Great crowd at Bardog yesterday and I stayed until almost past 2:30, well past my usual time. By then, and in part thanks to the shot, I was getting super hungry. Inspired by my recent lunch adventures in Germantown, I was determined to try something new and different, and I did. But this was not a lunch in Germantown. It was Downtown. Which means it’s time for the most recent installment of…

The Perjorie T. Roll Lunch Series

Regina’s Cajun Kitchen opened several months ago at 60 S. Main in the ground floor of the Lincoln-American Tower, in the space that years ago was the Yellow Rose Cafe. They opened their bar yesterday, and I decided to have a seat and order lunch. After looking over their breakfast, brunch and lunch menu, I decided to have their Saturday special, the Cajun seafood pasta.

Shrimp, crawfish, sausage, and either penne or ziti (I don’t know my pastas that well) in a cheese sauce spiked with hot sauce. As a fan of spicy food, I appreciated the flavor of this dish. I also appreciated the piece of bread which was buttery and perfect for dipping in the extra sauce. No problem recommending this to my readers.

The bartender was very attentive. Great service. They gave me complimentary popcorn while I waited on my food. Regina’s is a large space that can comfortably fit well over 100. I don’t know if they rent the place out for private events but they easily could. It’s a space with a lot of potential. Even though I had a Coke with lunch, I am glad they opened the bar. When I eat by myself I prefer to sit at bars/counters.

I do want to mention a couple of very minor things, things that didn’t detract from the quality of the meal, but style points. I don’t understand why they put a cafeteria tray under my plate when they served my food. It’s not like my pasta was going to fall off the plate, or I was going to pick up my food and move to another part of the restaurant. Also, food of this quality should not be served with plasticware. It was deluxe plasticware, but still plasticware. Again, these things didn’t bother me but I can see then subtracting a couple of dollars from the perceived value of the meal in some diners’ eyes.

Regina’s menu can be found here. I want to come back and try an entree sometime soon. Those meatballs stuffed with cheese, spinach and shrimp sound interesting.

I wonder if they make a vegetarian version of that pasta? Asking for a friend…

A bunch of us got to spend the evening with this beautiful woman:

We started off at Bardog then went to the Silly Goose and Blind Bear. Quote of the night: “We need more nautical bars Downtown” -Buddha

This is Memphis and sooner or later somebody had to do it. Meddlesome Brewing Co. celebrates the release of Jerry “The King” Lager on Wednesday, April 18. This fusion of pilsner and pale ale comes off the top rope and delivers a piledriver of taste. It is 6.2% ABV, made with Mosaic hops and German pilsner and aromatic malts. The King (who ironically, doesn’t drink alcohol) will be there for the release of his namesake beer, and there will be wrestling trivia and wrestling games.

This coming Saturday, April 21 is Hopped IV at Memphis Made Brewing Co. from noon to 10 PM. First 100 people get a special 16 oz. Hopped IV mug. The brewery will release its new Breakfast IPA, Snap Crackle Hopped, that day. Amy LaVere & Will Sexton, Hash Redactor, and River City Tanlines will provide the live music. Food by Sushi Jimmi, Smoke and Rolls, and MEMPopS.

On Mother’s Day, May 13 in Health Sciences Park, the Memphis Medical District Collaborative will show a Movie Under the Stars from 7:30 to 9:30. The movie will be Babies, a documentary chronicling the development of four babies from different parts of the world. There will be multiple food trucks and it is BYOB (bring your own blanket).

Best Donald Trump photo ever:

Monday afternoon is going to be a fun time to watch the news. 

Time to get this day started! D-RANKS with B-RAD at Pontotoc Lounge is first on the agenda today. I haven’t seen Brad in two weeks and we have much catching up to do. I will be back north at the Blind Bear sometime before 2. Back tomorrow with more news.