Wednesday update

Next Tuesday, May 15 is the NBA lottery, the day on which the teams with the 14 worst records in the league will find out where they will be picking in the NBA draft next month. The Grizzlies will pick somewhere between 1st and 5th. The draft will be broadcast on ESPN that evening.

Thought about getting Grizzlies season tickets but haven’t pulled the trigger on them yet? Here’s a deal for you – from now until the draft, put down a $44 deposit on season tickets, and you will pay the amount per ticket equal to the Grizzlies’ pick in the draft. So if the Grizzlies get the 1st pick, you have a seat at each of the 44 home games for 2018-19 for a dollar apiece. More info here.

The Brass Door is introducing Steak Night on Thursdays. You can choose a 10 or 14 ounce hand-cut, 21 day aged Ribeye. Steaks come with Maitre’D butter, baked potato and pub salad. $15 for the small steak, $20 for the large.

Meanwhile, over at 117 Prime, they have a nice looking piece of salmon going on:

George Dickel Barrel Select is the half-off whiskey at Belle Tavern this week. Also, they are once again open on Mondays.

Yesterday I made the drive to Formosa, a traditional Chinese restaurant which I’ve heard referred to as “the really good Chinese restaurant out there,” on Quince just east of Kirby. They have a traditional Chinese lunch menu, with Group A and Group B. They also pick 5 of their dinner selections and put them on lunch special every day. I ordered the Hunan shrimp. The online menu said it came with soup (choice of hot & sour or egg drop), a Chinese man-tow bun, and a spring roll. However, when the spring roll came out there was a big ol’ WANG on the plate as well! I definitely did not mind a bonus chicken wing!

I’ve never been sure what to do with the wonton chips that come with the hot & sour soup. Do I put them in the soup?

The Hunan shrimp came out a few minutes later. It was a lunch-sized entree with 5 shrimp and plenty of carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. All this food for $7.45. Not bad.

The clientele for lunch at Formosa seems to be mostly retired people. I overheard multiple discussions of grandchildren and what’s going on at church.

Overall a perfectly fine lunch at a fine price. Formosa is a place I will return from time to time in my lunch break.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.