BBQ Fest Day 1: Wednesday

The first public day of BBQ Fest, no longer Friends & Family Night, has come and gone. We already have one achievement of which I am quite proud:

Koozies! I have wanted these for a while. For one thing, I go out to a lot of places selling PBR in cans or bottles. I have been missing out on opportunities to promote the team! I also got tired of seeing our team members carrying around other teams’ koozies. So I got our vice-president to pull the trigger on a koozie order 2 weeks ago. Teammates, find me in the booth to get yours if you haven’t already.

Yesterday was “The Misty Show” for sure as we got the booth in order. Her attention to detail is why the booth was such in good shape by the time guests started arriving at 5. We appreciate all she does for the team and the free entertainment she gives us along the way.

A couple of weeks ago we had a taco bar at work for Cinco de Mayo. Well, last night was Sesenta de Mayo for the Moody Ques.

Tortillas and chips. Shout out to the cook team for having both flour and corn tortillas.

Pork shoulder

Pico de gallo

“Redneck caviar”

Aaron’s banana pudding. I didn’t get a photo of Laura’s chocolate chip brownies but they were delicious as well.

Team shirts for this year

Special thanks to DSV for coming on board as our main sponsor. Great to have you with us!

Putting the finishing touches on our Prague astronomical clock booth design

In the background you can see the 30-foot air conditioned rig our cook team is using this year.

Back to the park for BBQ Fest Thursday. This tends to be the most fun day because our cook team isn’t preparing the championship meat yet and the amateurs wait until Friday to come. One note: We have 55 team members and our booth capacity is 120 (70 down, 50 up). We will hit capacity at the peak times and the fire marshal will order us to stop letting people in. If I can’t let you in immediately I promise you it is nothing personal.

Quick stop at Bardog then back to the park.