Bingo with Pattee @ Oshi Asian Kitchen + Monday news

Every Sunday night at 6 Pattee O’ Furniture AKA Positive Pattee calls bingo at Oshi Asian Kitchen. Winners of each of the 11 rounds get their choice of a prize bag and the grand prize is a $25 bar tab.

Pattee has all kinds of different formats for her rounds of bingo: Make an H, make an L, make an I, make an M, standard bingo, blackout. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re hungry there’s great sushi and Asian food.

I hit a bingo on two of the eleven rounds but tied both times and lost rock, paper, scissors to break the tie. I used to be a champion (Flying Saucer 2008) and I must admit it’s difficult to be entering the twilight of my rock, paper, scissors career. Maybe I can pull a Z-bo and sign one last big contract.

Pattee is great at making all of her guests feel welcome and special. Between rounds she pointed me out to the crowd and announced my BBQ team’s 7th place finish in shoulder and I got a round of applause.

I found a great website this week: Mid-South Flair. They sell T-shirts featuring the Memphis of days gone by. The Shoe on Lamar… Fat Jimmy’s Pizza and Ribs… Captain Bilbo’s… etc. I have a suggestion for an addition though – Pat’s Pizza. When we went to Rhodes we used to go see Mrs. Pat and watch the rats run around the overhead lighting.

Reminds me… over my BBQ Fest vacation I was at Bardog and Bloom told me, “You went to Rhodes? You don’t seem like a Rhodes alum at all.” She meant it as a compliment.

We have one more place in the Memphis metro making great local craft beer. Rock ‘n Dough Germantown is now brewing. Great place – I go there for lunch from time to time. No beer for me on my lunch break though.

It’s 9:36. Bardog has been open for 96 minutes and I’m not there yet! Gotta go. Back tomorrow with more news.