Where to day drink on the 4th + Wednesday news

July 4 is a day to ponder the freedoms and liberties our forefathers guaranteed us 241 years ago. However, since many of us are off work, might as well do that pondering at a bar! For those who plan to spend Independence Day doing a little day drinking, here are a list of opening times for Downtown bars that may come in handy.

Bardog – 8 AM
Flying Saucer – 11 AM
Aldo’s Pizza – 11 AM
Kooky Canuck – 11 AM
Local – 11 AM
Westy’s – 11 AM
Dirty Crow Inn – 11 AM
Green Beetle – 11 AM
Blue Monkey Downtown – 11 AM
Silly Goose – 2 PM
Blind Bear – 3 PM
Max’s Sports Bar – 4:30 PM
Earnestine & Hazel’s – 5 PM

I am only listing bars where I am just about positive their opening time remains consistent on July 4. Pontotoc Lounge and South of Beale normally open at 11 for lunch on Wednesdays but am not sure they will today. Brass Door and Carolina Watershed have posted that they will be closed.

Also, don’t forget, the Flying Saucer’s patriotic $15 seafood boil will be today at 4. That’s really not a bad deal at all. Just wish I could get a PBR to drink with my seafood…

Riverside Drive between Beale and Georgia will close at 6 tonight for the fireworks festivities. There will be no parking in the river parks, but you can walk, bike, or scooter your way there.

Beale Street Bears has a spot-on post of the handling by the Memphis Grizzlies front office of the Tyreke Evans situation. There is no better word to describe it than incompetence.

The Memphis Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has information about the first annual Memphis Chicken & Beer Fest happening at the Liberty Bowl Saturday, August 11. (Side note: I know First Annual is grammatically incorrect but I like to throw it in there in case Seth looks at my blog). There will be all kinds of chicken dishes from various restaurants, with offerings including Messy Crow wings from the Dirty Crow Inn, chicken sushi from Oshi, and even a chicken cupcake. The event is run by iHeartMedia and is envisioned as recess for adults. There will be hula hoops, inflatables, jousting, and a photo booth. This event benefits the Dorothy Day House and tickets are $40.

A design, planning, and engineering firm named Stantec has been selected to build Downtown Memphis’ most comprehensive master plan in over 30 years. Stantec’s portfolio includes the recent $500 million overhaul of Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Stantec was selected out of 21 firms that submitted RFPs. The budget set for the plan is $447,000 with a portion designated to go to businesses owned by minorities and women.

The new Starbucks at Main and Monroe is now open.

People riding these Bird scooters need to understand they’re on a vehicle and they have to obey traffic regulations. I have seen several people on them run red lights without even looking, as well as go the wrong way down one-way streets.

For lunch out in Germantown yesterday, I returned to the Exlines’ Pizza on Wolf River Boulevard for three of their tamales. They are $2.50 a piece, but for 50 cents more each you can make them ultimate tamales, loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and peppers.

They really are not shy with the cheese at all. The tamales are locally made. A fine lunch indeed.

B-RAD, I have a great story to tell you about our girl when I see you on Sunday.

Time to take advantage of my own list! Back tomorrow with more news.