Sunday update

This was the scene from the crafts table at the Farmers Market yesterday. Beans were the theme of the week and kids could make portraits using all different kinds of beans. I posted this photo to Facebook and my friend Jasmine commented, “So seriously jealous. Not even kidding.”

I had to re-route my plans yesterday because, as I was walking south to the Market, I heard “Paul!” from across the street. It was B-RAD, arriving at Pontotoc Lounge. He was picking up a shift and working day bar. I had a quick beer at Clarence’s bar at Earnestine & Hazel’s, did my arts and crafts at the Farmers Market, then was back at Pontotoc for opening time right at 11.

B-RAD put the World Cup on for those who wanted to watch. Steve Cohen posted to Facebook that he was rooting for Croatia in their match against Russia. I commented that it would be quite the coup for Russia if they could win a World Cup and a U.S. presidential election within 24 months of each other.

Pontotoc’s owner Daniel came in and I picked up a piece of news about one of his other businesses: The Silly Goose is getting a wood-fired pizza oven soon.

After B-RAD got off and award-winning bartender Cady got behind the bar, I took a couple more photos of the Smoked Manhattan at Pontotoc.

Hmmmm I wonder if a BBQ Fest version of a Smoked Manhattan would be possible. I will have to run that idea by our bar manager… er, I mean, our quartermaster Chad.

After Pontotoc I hit Oshi Asian Kitchen for some sushi.

A little inside information: If you’re a fan of Oshi’s food and want to eat there one more time, I would advise you to go today. There might be some specials.

Bluff City Soap on Main just north of Gayoso is having a 10 for $40 sale this weekend, in-store only. Mix and match soaps, bath bombs (including the one that makes you smell like a stripper), and shower fizzes.

I ended up at the Blind Bear last night, where the conversation topic was who has the scariest astrological profile. Sun in Scorpio, moon in Scorpio, Aquarius rising. I think I win this.

If you missed The Rusty Pieces last night at Blind Bear, you have another chance to see them Downtown this weekend. They play Belle Tavern at 5:30 tonight. It’s a weekly Sunday gig for them.

Don’t forget that tonight is Sunset Pop-Up Jazz in Court Square from 6 to 8 PM.

In other pop-up news, there’s a Young Entrepreneur Pop-Up Shop today at Jack Robinson Gallery at 44 Huling.

Woof River Animal Rescue is the non-profit of  the day for the Redbirds. Buy tickets to today’s Redbirds game through their link and $4 of the ticket price goes to the rescue. Plus, this special ticket gets you a free Redbirds hat. First 2500 kids get an ice cream treat and kids run the bases after the game. First pitch is at 2:05.

The Brass Door has 2 for 1 brunch drinks today 10 AM to 3 PM.

That’ll do it for now. Back to Pontotoc for more D-RANKS with B-RAD. Back tomorrow with more news.