Monday update #2

I had a few people check on me after this morning’s post. I am fine. I’ve just decided to stay away from South Main for a while (with the exceptions of Pontotoc Lounge, Civil Pour and maybe the occasional meal at Rizzo’s). Too often I feel like an outcast among my friends there lately. Better to just say “F it,” walk away, and spend more time in the places where I am listened to and respected. Even without South Main, I still have quite an abundance of awesome people to spend my time with.

It really broke my heart to hit the unfriend button on a few people this morning, but I felt it had to be done.

Speaking of Pontotoc Lounge, I got an insider tip from one of the other customers there. Get a side of greens (which I believe they only have on the weekends) and mix them in with the Mississippi Pot Roast. If desired, add a little Louisiana hot sauce.

Another customer got a salad that was so good, she asked to personally speak to the chef and thank him. The salad had goat cheese and pecans.

While at Pontotoc yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to Cristina from City Tasting Tours. She had a group of 12 at Pontotoc yesterday, where they had the chorizo scramble. I asked her what the other Brunch So Hard Tour stops were, and she told me they go to Rizzo’s for the blackened catfish, the The Vault for eggs Sardou and chicken and waffles. Of course, the tour includes a brunchy drink at each stop. No wonder those tours are so popular! It’s a great way to meet people and get familiar with the great food of South Main.

It is absolutely a miracle that eight boys have been rescued from the cave in Thailand. Along with the rest of the world I am praying for the four remaining boys and their coach.

Back tomorrow, hopefully in a better mood.