Wednesday update

Big development news for Uptown. Yesterday the City Council approved the sale of the former Community and Housing Development division office at 701 N. Main to a partnership including Billy and Benjamin Orgel for $452,000. The partnership plans to develop as many as 400 multifamily and single-family apartments on the site, and they are in negotiations with a craft brewery and a golf entertainment complex for the site as well.

Memphis Flyer Burger Week begins today. From now through the 17th, enjoy some of the city’s best burgers for $5.99. Downtown participating restaurants include the Green Beetle, Bardog Tavern, Huey’s, Carolina Watershed, the Flying Saucer, and Tin Roof.

The Orpheum announced a Postmodern Jukebox show for November 16, with tickets going on sale this Friday.

Elmwood Cemetery will show the film The Bad Seed as part of its Cemetery Cinema series this Friday at 8:30 PM. The movie starts as the final rays of the sun disappear, and it will be projected onto the roof of the cemetery’s 1852 Cottage. Films are shown outdoors, so keep the weather in mind when deciding what to wear, Lawn chairs and coolers are welcome, and there will be libations and food truck food available for purchase.

Councilman Edmund Ford Jr. had a talk with the folks at MATA about finding the funding they need to transform the organization so it can offer public transportation that is among the best in the U.S. So happy to see they get it that great public transportation offers improved opportunity and quality of life for all.

Wiseacre has received a certification from the Brewers Association as a true independent craft brewery. This is a big deal because there are many “craft brewers” out there that really aren’t, companies that started as independent but have since been purchased by Big Beer, or which were started by Big Beer as fake craft breweries.

You can win a 2011 Harley-Davidson CVO in the Orpheum’s 2018 raffle. Other prizes include a Broadway season in a luxury suite, a table at Dinner on Stage, or a night at the movies with popcorn and soft drinks. Raffle tickets are $100 each.

I gotta say a little bit more about my decision to stay out of South Main for a while…

Friday afternoon I got to Max’s Sports Bar about 6 PM and took a seat at the bar. Five people, four of whom I considered longtime friends, were at the table next to the 2012 and 2017 group photos. After a while, they got up and went to the back patio. I looked over at the empty table and noticed that the people who had been sitting there had positioned the menu stand to cover up my image in the 2012 group photo. I have absolutely no doubt they did it on purpose.

I just don’t feel like being in an environment where I am disrespected like that anymore. I have so many alternative environments where I am well respected, listened to, and understood.

Apologies to Max and the folks who work there for not being around for a while. I assure you it is nothing against you. You are still my “home away from home on the south side” and I will be recommending you anytime I hear someone ask where’s a good place to watch the game.


Trump, at the NATO summit, said Germany is totally controlled by Russia when in fact he is totally controlled by Russia. This is called “projection” and it is a very common behavior among narcissistic sociopaths.

That’ll do it for this post. Back tomorrow with more news.