A return to Felicia Suzanne’s Restaurant for 25 cent martini lunch

Felicia Suzanne’s is only open for lunch one day a week, but oh my goodness, what a lunch it is. When you order lunch, you can get up to three martinis at only 25 cents apiece. Yesterday my friend Stacey and I went there for the martini lunch.

You can get the martinis with gin or vodka, and you can get them dirty or with orange or cranberry juice. Stacey got a gin martini with orange juice and I got a dirty vodka martini with an olive.

The food on the lunch menu is quite reasonably priced, with entrees ranging between $9 and $16. I didn’t bother taking a photo of the menu because it changes from week to week, but there are certain menu items I suspect are constants: the short rib grilled cheese, for example, and Lake’s catfish in some form or fashion (yesterday, in the form of tacos).

Stacey got the fried chicken.

It came on a bed of Hoppin’ John with Flo’s chow chow. You can buy Felicia’s line of Flo’s products at the restaurant or at the Memphis Farmers Market. You can also buy them online.

I had a harder time deciding. The salmon croquette sounded good, as did the lump crab crepes. Eventually, though, I chose the chicken enchiladas.

Tres chicken enchiladas topped with a cheese sauce and a red enchilada sauce, along with avocado and cilantro with a side of mixed greens. Absolutely delicious.

Stacey got a side of potato salad that she couldn’t finish, and our server asked if she wanted it in a to-go container. The server took the potato salad to go wrap it up, and this is what came back:

It’s little elegant touches that make the dining experience at Felicia’s so special.

I will mention that Friday lunch is very casual. I was not the only person in the restaurant to have shorts on, something I would never do at dinner there. The vibe is upbeat and fun.

As for the martinis, they were small but they were quite strong. I do not recommend making afternoon plans that require serious thought if you have the limit of three martinis.

A delightful experience and one I hope to have again soon. Check out Felicia’s for lunch on Friday sometime if you get the chance. They did have walk-ins but it’s best to call ahead and get a reservation.

Back tomorrow with more news.