Tuesday update

Purple Haze is temporarily closed for two weeks following ANOTHER shooting at the club this past weekend. The club has been the scene of multiple shootings and fights the past year. Haze supposedly has “strict security measures” but the shooters were somehow able to circumvent them and get the guns in anyway.

You know, I used to really enjoy going to Purple Haze late at night. Back around 2013 I would go over there with the Blind Bear folks after the Bear closed at 3. It was a lot of fun and I got to hang out with my service industry friends. The last time I went, though, which was probably around two years ago, I didn’t feel safe at all in there. It felt like the wild, wild west in there, a place to which law & order did not extend. I haven’t been back since and fear for my friends who go there after they get off work. Haze is developing the reputation that the Plush Club had for years, and they need to clean it up or shut it down.

UPDATE: I was just shown a post from an employee at Purple Haze, saying “in case you haven’t been watching the news, my co-workers and I are now unemployed and looking for jobs.” Have they shut down permanently? I will try to find out more details when I get out today.

If you’re curious about the ancient practice of Tai Chi, Downtown Yoga is hosting a four-week beginner’s class September 18-October 9. Sign up here.

Songwriter Jordan Booker, originally from Indiana and now based in Nashville, will give a free concert at the Tin Roof tonight at 8 PM.

Memphis’ conference rival UCF lost a marquee nonconference matchup today. It was announced that UCF vs. North Carolina is being canceled due to Hurricane Florence, expected to hit the Carolinas on Thursday. NC State’s home game against good ole West Virginny has also been called off, and Duke is heading to Baylor early.

The Orpheum is warning that fake tickets are being sold for Hamilton. The show is a Broadway craze like no other, and the only way to be guaranteed a seat is to be a season ticket holder.

In other Orpheum news, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite will play there at 8 this evening.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is the half-off whiskey at Belle Tavern this week.

The Redbirds take the field in Fresno tonight for Game 1 of the Pacific Coast League championship series. The Flyer’s Frank Murtaugh reports that Stubby Clapp, a native of Windsor, Ontario, has become a talking point since the Toronto Blue Jays announced that their manager would not be returning in 2019.

MakeUseOf has a handy list of apps to help you identify a song when you only know a few of the words or can only hum it.

You can now pre-order bop bags with the images of Donald Trump and his boss Vladimir Putin.

That’ll do it for now. Back tomorrow with more.