Saturday update

Last night was a night of wild, vivid dreams. I dreamed I was at the opening of a new grocery store. The produce section was expanded and named after my friend John D – not sure why because when I think of produce, John does not immediately come to mind. But anyway, John told me there were vending machines in the back, and I went back there to check them out, a security guard keeping a close eye on me, worried I would steal something I guess.

There was a vending machine that had “chicken snack” for 50 cents, and I thought that sounded interesting, so I put in two quarters. Out came a live chicken, about the size of my thumbnail. This was a fully grown brown chicken, not a chick. I guess I was supposed to eat it in one bite. I couldn’t do it though. I put it on the floor and it hopped around for a minute and then its head fell off. Maybe I need to go to that Broom Closet place that specializes in magick and spells and tarot and ask them the significance of dreaming that a chicken’s head fell off.

I wonder if they actually have vending machines like that in Vietnam?

As I drifted in and out of sleep, a Krystal commercial I had seen on TV last night flashed in my head, and I thought, Krystal Kondiments would make a good stripper name.

A lot of people Downtown are excited about John Prine playing the Orpheum tonight at 8 PM. Tickets are not cheap ($69-$109) but the ticket price includes a copy of Prine’s new album of original music.

The Redbirds won last night’s game in 11 innings, 2-1, so all it will take is a win over Fresno today or tomorrow to secure a second straight PCL championship. $1 Dugout and Field Box tickets will be on sale, and tonight is a fireworks game.

For those of you who are into beer, Wiseacre has a good educational post on the difference between dry hopping and wet hopping. Their Ananda IPA, which has been around for years, is dry hopped. Next Friday they will release Tacky Wet Hopped Pilsner.

Six Degrees to Tennessee Roots Jam is this evening at the New Daisy.

That’s all the news I can scrape up this morning. Those of you going to Cooper-Young Fest, keep hydrated because it’s going to be a hot one. Back tomorrow with more news.