Monday update

We had a Sunday brunch quote of the day yesterday when a couple of friends showed up at Pontotoc Lounge, having just got done having brunch in the suburbs. We asked them how it was.

“The mimosas got better after they ran out of orange juice,” was their reply.

A holiday market is coming to South Main. On November’s Trolley Night, Friday, November 30, South Main Street will be lined with vendors selling hand-made art, crafts, fashion, gifts, jewelry, photography, and more. Want to become a vendor for the holiday market? There will be an application on the South Main website later this week.

More Trolley Night news… you may remember that The State of Downtown and Downtown Vision Awards, set for October 3 on the Civic Center Plaza, were rescheduled. A new date and location has been announced: The third floor of 409 S. Main on Friday, October 26, the night of October South Main Trolley Night. Welcome reception at 4:00, Vision Awards at 5:15, and the program will be over by 6:45 so everyone can enjoy Trolley Night.

In a preseason coaches’ poll, the Memphis Tigers were picked to finish fourth in the American Athletic Conference behind UCF, Cincinnati and Houston. Memphis even got one first-place vote.

Halloween at Mollie Fontaine Lounge will happen October 31 from 8 PM to 3 AM. This tends to be one of Downtown best and spookiest Halloween parties. $10 cover, with either cash or credit card accepted.

For those of you who work at AutoZone, ServiceMaster, or other businesses in that area, you have a convenient new lunch option beginning tomorrow. Blind Bear will begin opening for lunch at 11 AM Tuesday, October 16. Jeannette showed me the menu yesterday. I’m pleased to see they’re offering half orders of two of their most popular dishes, Hibernation Fries and Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese. They’ll have a half-sandwich and cup of soup option, a veggie plate, Bear Balls, burgers and sandwiches, and more.

Somebody ordered a Corona Extra with cherry juice poured in it yesterday. Sounds interesting… I may have to try one of those.

I don’t know if I have any vegetarians who read this blog (although I had at least one in 2009), but if I do, 117 Prime is introducing Meatless Monday at lunch today. Every Monday, their daily Draper Special (entree, soup or salad, and drink for $16 including tip) will be vegetarian-friendly. Today’s Draper is a meatless Farmer’s pie with mushroom, carrots, onion, celery, and red wine gravy, topped with mashed potatoes.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more.