Sunday update




If you live in the Downtown core, this is what your 7:30 on a Saturday morning sounds like this time a year. It’s race weather, and just about every Saturday there’s a 5K or 10K or some kind of race departing for AutoZone Park. One of the ways they celebrate the runners and get them all fired up to race at such an early hour is marching bands.

So yesterday morning as I lay in bed, I was thinking of an entirely new concept… the “silent disco marching band.”

A silent disco is a dance party in which everyone is listening to the same music, but through wireless headphones rather than being broadcast over a speaker system or PA. Anyone at the party without headphones experiences a room full of people dancing to nothing.

What we need is to get a manufacturer of wireless headphones to sponsor a 5K, and have a silent disco marching band to fire up the runners.

I didn’t see it in time to post it, but The Rendezvous held a job fair last week, seeking hosts, barbacks, cooks, and experienced servers. If you didn’t make it to the job fair but would be interested in a position there, might want to go by this week and see if they’re still hiring. Being a server there is hard work, but a server who cultivates a regular clientele can make six figures a year.

The Daily Memphian has more information on the remake of Tom Lee Park to maximize its natural amenities and at the same time make it more inviting and accessible to the public.

The Daily Memphian also has the 411 on Downtown Dining Week which runs from tomorrow through Sunday. They have some good tips to help you get the most of of the week. If you don’t have time to dig through all 50 menus to determine which restaurants you want to visit, I published Paul’s Picks of the best 2018 menus last week.

I want to emphasize one thing for DDW: Be kind to your servers. They are going to be busy with full restaurants. If your food takes a few extra minutes to get out to you, it is probably because the kitchen is backed up and not your server’s fault. When your server comes to your table, ask around and find out who at the table needs anything so they can get it all at one time, rather than running them back and forth for requests one at a time.

In terms of tip on a $20.18 dinner, keep in mind two things: 1) Most of these dinners would cost more than $20.18 if you were paying full price; and 2) These are 3-course dinners, so your servers are doing more work than usual. A tip of 20% on $20.18 would be $4, but I would encourage diners to tip in the $6-7 range in recognition of the extra work their servers are putting in this week.

There’s an International Conference on Catalysis and Pyrolysis tomorrow at the Crowne Plaza. Woo hoo, that sounds like fun! I might have to be a party crasher.

Don’t forget that the grilled cheese festival is going on at the Hi-Tone today.

That’s it for now. Health issues continue to keep me at home more than I would like, but I will try to make it out to the Blind Bear for a little while this evening. Back tomorrow with more news.