Monday update

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is seeking volunteers for 2019. Volunteers are key to helping the DNA put on high-quality community events. There are opportunities in communications, advocacy, membership services, and social services. If you’re passionate about your community and motivated to help with provide services for our neighborhood, fill out the form at this link to volunteer.

The Daily Memphian has news about two teams headed to Orange Beach, Alabama to compete in the World Food Championships. One of the teams, headed by Tommy Shive of LBOE, won Best Memphis Burger Fest last year to qualify, then took first place in Burgers in the food championships with a Benedict Burger. The first-place win guarantees Shive five years of eligibility, and he is headed back this year.

Beginning today, Amazon is waiving the minimum purchase amount for packages to qualify for free shipping, good on all packages that will ship in time for Christmas. Prime members will get an additional bonus: 3 million items will be eligible for same-day shipping.

The legend returns to Memphis early next year:

Volunteers needed for Hour of Code. Kids in grades 5-10 will spend an hour learning how to code, and then will be treated to lunch and a featured speaker. Both technical and non-technical volunteers are needed.

After hearing friends rave about Marco’s Pizza, I decided to give it a try this morning. Their website did not show my address within delivery distance, but friends who live a few blocks away have gotten delivery. I called their 15 S. Belvedere location and confirmed, they do deliver to me.

The first time I order a pizza from a new place, I always do a build-your-own rather than get one of their specialty pizzas. I built a 14″ large with Old World pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and extra cheese.

Perjorie T. Roll, who likes foods that are the same color as her hair, hoped I would get bell peppers on the pizza, but I didn’t. I can see why my friends told me to get the Old World pepperoni instead of the regular kind. It’s thicker and it made this pizza stand out.

Next time I want to order their meatball bake, meatballs and sausage over pasta. Sounds yummy and I could probably get three meals off it.

This will probably be my last post before the polls open tomorrow morning for Election Day. Not sure where your polling place is? Google can help.

I am begging, pleading with all my readers to please vote. has information on how to get free or discounted rides to the polls.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Back tomorrow with more news.