Wednesday update

The past few days I’ve been resting up at home, and yesterday I noticed something kind of interesting. I was watching The Price Is Right, which was my mom’s favorite game show when I was little. As they rolled the closing credits, they got to “Directed By…” and the name underneath kind of surprised me. Adam Sandler! Maybe the comedy movie gigs have dried up for him. Then again, directing The Price Is Right wouldn’t be a bad job to have in any case. I’d take it!

The Memphis Flyer has an article about Erica Bone, new executive chef at The Pocket, the exclusive new restaurant/club at 115 Union. Once upon a time, Bone made a mistake (as we all do). It was a mistake that could have sent her career in a different direction, but she recovered nicely. With culinary school and kitchen stints at Spindini, The Farmer, and Rizzo’s under her belt, Bone brings a lot to the kitchen at The Pocket. Her menu will debut next month.

For my readers with kids, get to Bass Pro at the Pyramid this Saturday to get in the Christmas spirit. Santa arrives at 5 PM, and they will be throwing out Santa stress toys to kids awaiting the jolly old elf’s arrival. There will be a tree lighting, the unveiling of Santa’s Wonderland, and free cookies and hot chocolate. From 6 to 8 you can get free photos with Santa and decorate your own Santa stocking. Each half hour from 5:30 to 7, a $25 gift card to Bass Pro will be given away.

In other Bass Pro news, if you have relatives coming in town for the holiday season, here’s a code to get them a discount at Big Cypress Lodge, the hotel inside Bass Pro at the Pyramid:

The national press has coverage about two legends who have returned to Memphis. First of all, SoccerBible has an article about Tim Howard’s co-ownership of Memphis 901 FC, how the team will fit into the working-class vibe of this city, and Howard’s plans to move into an ownership/management role as his professional career winds down.

Meanwhile, Bleacher Report has a great read on Penny Hardaway’s return to Memphis and what the city means to him. Penny is now 1-0 in NCAA play, his Tigers having defeated Tennessee Tech 76-61. The seniors were the big contributors last night with Kyvon Davenport dropping 30. Memphis’ next game is against #23 LSU in Baton Rouge 6 PM next Tuesday.

November is as far as it gets from May on the calendar. Nevertheless, Memphis in May has a lot going on this month.

WWE Monday Night Raw returns to FedExForum on Monday, January 14. It’s too early to speculate what the main event might be. However, that show should be a big one, because it is the second to last Raw before the second-most important WWE pay-per-view of the year, the Royal Rumble. Brock Lesnar has once again become the WWE Universal champion on Monday Night Raw, and after he fights Daniel Cormier next year it is possible he may hold that title and the UFC heavyweight title simultaneously.

Historian Jimmy Ogle comes to The Edge District on Tuesday, November 13. At 6 PM that evening, Ogle will speak on this history of The Edge at Wonder Co-Work Create at 340 Monroe. I couldn’t tell for sure the way this was worded, but I think this may be a monthly Edge District Association meeting. Look for updates on the official Edge District Facebook page.

Well, the election turned out much as I thought it would, with Democrats taking a majority in the House but Republicans keeping the Senate majority and even picking up a couple of seats. Here in Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn (ugh) is our new Senator. Going to try to look at the bright side here:

  • Democrats will take over House committee chairmanships, meaning corrupt Devin Nunes will no longer run the House Intelligence Committee.
  • Bills involving spending have to originate in the House. That’s going to make it harder for Trump to get funding for the wackier of his ideas (the wall). It also means Trump, the self-proclaimed master of the art of the deal, could partner with the Democrats in the House for a bipartisan win on infrastructure spending.
  • The House could demand Trump’s tax returns or subpoena Cabinet members to find out what he knew about Russia, although they should probably wait until Special Counsel Mueller releases his findings.
  • Beto lost to Ted Cruz but is now well positioned for a Presidential run in 2020.
  • Locally, all three referendums were defeated.

All right, I’ve been cooped up in this apartment too long, having not been out (I don’t count runs to Walgreens as going out) since Saturday. I plan on getting out about 3 this afternoon. Back tomorrow with more news.