Sunday update

I learned something last night that those of you who use rabbit ears on your TV may find useful. Earlier this year I discovered ION TV on Channel 50.1 and was very excited, because they have marathons of Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows. However, recently when I tried to tune into 50.1, I got No Signal, despite not having moved my rabbit ears since I could receive the channel.

A little bit of Google work revealed that the FCC is re-assigning ION to channel 33 in Memphis. If you pull up channel 33 on your remote, it will wait a few seconds then say No Signal… but then after another second or two, it will forward you to 50.1 which works just fine. Just thought I’d pass that on for other fans of Criminal Minds (or any of the other shows ION shows in binges).

Does anyone else Downtown have trouble receiving WMC channel 5 (and 5.2 and 5.3) with rabbit ears? Better question… did anyone have trouble receiving those channels and then figure out how to receive them? Shoot me a line at if you have advice. I have the antenna aimed 60 degrees east of magnetic north, which is supposed to be the direction of the transmitter from the 38103 zip code.

Despite being out in Cordova, Meddlesome Brewing Co. may be my favorite local craft brewery, based on the names they give their beers. Recently they gave their chai tea brown ale with clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon a great name: Yoga Pants. I feel as though I see eye-to-eye with the brewers at Meddlesome.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has been announced for the New Daisy Theater Sunday, December 9 for a Wild & Savage Holiday Party. Doors at 7, show at 8. Tickets are $36-49.

I know we have some Downtowners who are big fans of Dodson Farms jams and jellies and miss them from November-March when the Memphis Farmers Market is out of season. Well, head out to Tsunami this coming Saturday to stock up… there will be a Thanksgiving farmers market there from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Miss Polly’s Soul City Cafe on Beale Street will be open 10:30 AM to 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day.

Memphis isn’t the only city to re-imagine long-neglected alleys. Check out what Chattanooga is doing. is now getting in on the speculation that we might get a few flakes of snow Monday night. Check out the latest blog post. Remember, folks… $2 Fireball at Bardog when it’s snowing outside! I won’t be partaking with you anymore, but for those of you who shoot Fireball, keep an eye on the window and watch for the white stuff.

There was some debate on Twitter last night on whether Wrestling Night at the Grizzlies has worn out its welcome. I love wrestling but I do think having several Wrestling Nights during the season rather than just one is overkill, especially since the Redbirds also do a Wrestling Night now.

Anyone who lives/works/plays near me (Main and Madison) have a Windows 10 Recovery DVD or USB I can borrow for a while? The laptop I inherited from my mom is acting up again and I’m typing this on my 9-year-old, 10-inch screen netbook. Apparently you’re supposed to make a recovery drive as soon as you fire up your computer for a first time, but because I was not the original owner of this computer and I’m traditionally a Mac guy, I didn’t know.

A late election result but a very, very important one: Dana Rohrabacher has been ousted from his long-held House seat by Democrat Harley Rouda. Rohrabacher, who represented parts of Orange County, California, was considered Russia’s staunchest ally in the House of Representatives to the point of being considered a puppet for Vladimir Putin. Good riddance and happy retirement, Dana. Perhaps he’ll get to spend more time with his grandchildren… or more likely, he’ll fall into a $1.6 million a year gig as a lobbyist. Because, isn’t that how it works?

That’s it for now. Deepest apologies for missing Friendsgiving with some wonderful friends last night. I really did want to be there. Heading out to the Blind Bear in a bit. Back tomorrow with more news.