Possible snow day update

*** $2 Fireball at Bardog when it’s snowing ***

Up to an inch of snow is expected to accumulate in Memphis this afternoon through tonight. Be careful on the roadways. Especially be careful if you’re out around midnight, when freezing rain may be mixed in with the snow. If we get an inch, this will tie the record for the earliest 1″ snow accumulation here in Memphis.

I thought the Memphis Tigers did well against #22 LSU last night, despite losing 85-76. The talent level appeared to be close to that of LSU, which had one of the deepest recruiting classes in the country. Yes, Memphis blew some easy shots and some defensive spots, but that’ll happen when a first-year coach in his second game is trying to figure out how to have 3 point guards on the floor at the same time. Can you imagine if Tubby (and Tubby’s recruits) had played this game? It would have been 62-32 LSU at halftime. LSU would have played their second string/walk-ons the entire second half and won 104-66.

Today is Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. I have read recently that when the Queen turns 95 in about two and a half years, she will give up her monarchical duties and name Charles to be Prince Regent.

World-renowned blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa plays the Orpheum tonight. The theater is touting this as “the guitar event of the year” and Bonamassa is said to be the foremost blues-rock guitarist of this generation. He’s had 20 albums go to #1 on Billboard’s blues charts, and his new album Redemption was released in September.

In other Orpheum news, the theater has announced this year’s holiday movie. It will be on Wednesday, December 19 and the movie will be Elf. Starting on November 26, there will be three ways to get tickets to see this movie:

  • Bring a Mid-South Food Bank donation (3 non-perishable items per ticket suggested) to the Orpheum box office between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday-Friday, or the night of the movie
  • Bring your donation to the Orpheum or Halloran Centre the night of any performance
  • Purchase a $5 cash-only ticket 9 AM-5 PM at the box office or on the night of the performance

Lots of Elf-themed holiday activities popping up around Downtown. Which is fine, as long as it’s not Elf on a Shelf. I hate that stupid thing.

If you want to be part of the St. Jude Marathon on December 1st but you’re not a runner, the race needs volunteers. There are many different assignments from which to choose.

Poker players, this Saturday you can Deal Cancer Out at Central BBQ Downtown. This Texas Hold’em tournament, sponsored by the River Rat Rounders and Call-to-Duty.org, gives you the chance to win some fabulous prizes while helping to stomp out men’s prostate cancer. Your $45 buy-in includes a Central BBQ buffet. Teresa from River Rat Rounders will be directing the game. Top 5 places pay out, with first place getting a 3-day trip to Las Vegas, with airfare and hotel included. Second to fifth will win $400 to $100 in gift cards and prizes from local shops and restaurants.

For my fellow regulars of the original Sleep Out Louie’s who remember the late Bobby Durango: A new album by his band, Rock City Angels, on which Bobby performed, has been released. Southern Vision features demos recorded between 1989 and 1992 which were intended to become the Angels’ second Geffen album.

I remember reading years ago on The Motley Fool website the secret to McDonald’s success: Don’t think of it as a fast-food burger restaurant. Think of it as a real estate company with some burgers out front. Well, ESPN reports that NBA franchises are getting into the real-estate game. Owning some of the best real estate in town allows franchises to supplement their basketball-related income. Also, unlike basketball-related income, rent money earned as a landlord does not have to be shared with the other 29 franchises.

The Daily Memphian has reactions to the Union Row development set to rise on Union between Fourth and Danny Thomas. The article also has a gallery of plans for Union Row.

Blind Bear has $5 fried pickles all day today in celebration of National Pickle Day.

In the news: Company offers nonsmokers up to 6 extra days off a year to compensate for the time they don’t spend outside on smoke breaks. Sounds good to me. More companies need to do this.

Memphis wrestling luminary Randy Hales has a new podcast.

I’m sure you have heard by now that PBR and other Pabst beers could go out of existence after 2020 if Pabst loses a lawsuit to Miller-Coors. People are asking, “Which cheap domestic beer tastes most like PBR if I have to switch?” I have done extensive research on the matter, and the beer that tastes most like PBR is Harp. I guess if Pabst loses the lawsuit, I will be spending more time in Irish pubs beginning in 2021.

Taking the day off from going out today. Still dealing with leg problems, I don’t need to be slipping and falling all over the Main Street Mall. I’ll be back out tomorrow, and I’ll be back on the blog with more news.