Wednesday update

The Memphis Business Journal broke a big news story yesterday. A developer has acquired the Royal Furniture building at Main and Gayoso, and is going to build it up into a hotel and restaurant. I kind of had a feeling that was going to happen sooner or later. That parcel of real estate is too valuable to remain a low-volume furniture store. I mean, when you need a new bedroom set, who thinks “let’s go Downtown and find one” anymore?

That block is ideal for a hotel. If you think about it, that block hosts an array of businesses about as diverse as any in the city. You’ve got a sub shop, an elegant upscale restaurant, an Asian restaurant, an ice cream shop, a museum of Asian and Judaic art, a center for regional arts and culture, a 1930s style speakeasy, a clothing shop, and a post office. It’s a block walk from a grocery store and a hair salon. Piece of advice for whoever becomes the concierge at the new hotel: Partner up with the Center for Southern Folklore. That place is a hidden treasure that many tourists never hear about.

Explore Bike Share is offering a special through the end of January: Purchase an annual membership to the bike share for only $60. This is perfect for people who want to get fit, but who enjoy the great outdoors more than they do the gym.

There was a preview of the auto museum in The Edge neighborhood last night, and people posted photo of some beautiful classic cars. The museum will soon open to the public. I hear there will be an auto detail shop as well.

The Daily Memphian reports that Carolina Watershed is changing its focus and hours of operation. The operators of Loflin Yard have entered into a management agreement to run Watershed, the silo bar and restaurant on East Carolina Avenue. Watershed will only be open to the public on Saturdays (4 PM-midnight) and Sundays (11 AM-10 PM). They will focus on building up private event business during the week, and plan to add a covered pavilion that can accommodate 200 people and which can be used even in inclement weather. Bookings for private events at Watershed can be made through

Well this is interesting… BLDG Memphis, along with the Memphis Medical District Collaborative, is starting a community development book club and its first meeting will be January 18 at the MMDC office, 656 Madison. The book to be discussed with be The Color of Law: Forgotten History of How Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein.

Pontotoc Lounge has rolled out a new January menu. Don’t worry, the Mississippi Pot Roast that everyone loves is not going away. It’s joined by Turkey Roulade, Fish & Chips, Bucarelle Pasta, and homemade Pork & Beans with pork shank. “Dacon” was listed as one of the toppings of the Bucarelle Pasta, and after Google searching “dacon” and coming up empty-handed, I inquired what that was. “Duck bacon,” they replied. Color me intrigued!

That’ll do it for today. Back tomorrow with more news.