Sunday update

So nice to see the Memphis Tigers realize their potential yesterday, beating a team they weren’t expected to by 22. Maybe they should wear those Memphis State uniforms every game. Is an NCAA berth still possible if they play like this every game? Hmmm, no ranked teams left on the schedule, so I would guess it to be unlikely unless the Tigers win the AAC tournament. I suppose if they ran the table on the rest of the rest of the regular season schedule (also unlikely) and then lost in the AAC semis or finals they might be in as an 11 or 12 seed.

Coming up for the Tigers: An away game at Temple at 6 Thursday, and a home game vs. UCF at 3 Sunday, both on CBSSN. Hmmm, about that Sunday game, you know what I could do? I start out in South Main at B-RAD’s bar at Pontotoc Lounge most Sundays anyway. It’d be an easy walk over to Max’s Sports Bar mid-afternoon to spread a little sunshine and watch the game. I hear the gang down there has a new mascot, a gnome. I wonder wherever they got the idea to have a small mythical creature as a mascot?

Also, I wonder if they will be taking the gnome to Southaven with them the next time they watch a game at the Chili’s there?

Last week the Downtown Commission board members hit the road in a tour of Downtown projects that have benefited from incentives provided by the DMC. One interesting piece of news in the article: Planned renovations and upgrades to Tom Lee Park won’t affect Music Fest, but  some BBQ Fest teams will probably be forced to move onto Riverside Drive. Makes me wonder how they’ll do load-in and load-out then?

Then again, a booth on Riverside comes with a 100% guarantee that it won’t be a stinky mud pit. Some teams might actually prefer that location.

Probably it would be the Patio Porkers moved onto the street. Most of the Big Three competition category teams have booths too large to fit on Riverside.

The DMC board also toured The Edge District and will told that the old Wonder Bread sign at Monroe and Danny Thomas will be hung and lit once construction is complete. An interesting comment was made: “We would love for Monroe to be the pedestrian thoroughfare rather than Union.”

I know some of my readers like taking personality quizzes, so here’s one by stats site FiveThirtyEight that is said to be backed by science. In case anybody takes it and wonders what I got, here are my results:

  • Openness to experience: 79 out of 100
  • Agreeableness: 74 out of 100
  • Conscientousness: 54 out of 100
  • Negative emotionality: 42 out of 100
  • Extroversion: 29 out of 100

The Halloran Centre for the Performing Arts has added a Student Art Gallery, featuring works from students at Whitehaven Elementary, Havenview Middle, and Whitehaven High School.

The Skitch have been announced for a Hard Rock Cafe show the evening of Thursday, January 31.

My God.

I have never known anyone with such a capacity to make stuff up and present it as fact. Well, wait, I do know one such person, who I am glad I did not see Friday night when I made my trip to South Main.

Programming note: Unless I get a major, can’t wait piece of news to share, I am probably taking tomorrow off from posting. Holidays at Bardog are always so  much fun and I like to get there as close to 8 AM opening time as I can. So, probably back Tuesday with more news, but check tomorrow just in case.