CONVEY THAT PICK! plus dinner at Fam and Sunday news

Here’s something I was thinking about yesterday afternoon. What if you turned on the TV to watch a Grizzlies game in February, March, or April, and you couldn’t hear Rob Fischer and Pranica and Brevin because there was a nonstop chant throughout the arena, so loud that it drowned out the announcing team:


I would love to get a chant like that going at games to show owner Robert Pera how disgusted Grizzlies fans are with the front office and in particular with general manager Chris Wallace. Think about it. The Grizzlies’ goal this season, as defined by Wallace, is not to win an NBA championship. It’s not to earn a playoff berth. It’s not even to be as bad as possible and throw our raffle ticket for the Zion Williamson sweepstakes into the hat.

The Grizzlies’ goal, as defined by GM Wallace, is to finish no worse than ninth, so we can convey our top-8 protected first-round draft pick to Boston. A draft pick we agreed to trade for Jeff MF’N Green, thanks to Wallace.

And how are we going to get to that ninth-place finish? By re-activating Chandler Parsons, a prima donna who feels he is too good to accept an assignment to the Memphis Hustle for evaluation purposes. Chandler Parsons, who was offered a max contract by GM Chris Wallace. A contract that left the Grizzlies so financially inflexible that we had to trade the face of our franchise to Toronto.

Sadly, Wallace’s goal of conveying the pick is the right one, given the status of things at this time. And yet it is such a completely absurd thing to be cheering for – if fans start loudly cheering for Memphis to convey the pick, maybe it will wake Robert Pera up to all the bad decisions the front office has made over the years. Two different sources (Grizzly Bear Blues, Daily Memphian) have suggested Shane Battier as a hire for head of basketball operations. That sounds ideal to me.


Yesterday was a good day. I started off at Bardog, where there were fun times with friends, good basketball on TV, and several rounds of shots. By 5:00 I was starving. I decided to walk down Madison to Fam, the new sushi, rice bowl, and noodle bowl restaurant across the street from the Brass Door.

Friday I had been in the Blind Bear, where my friend Mary was bartending. She was getting Uber Eats orders ready for pickup, and she said, “I just realized, I can order from Uber Eats too!” and she ordered lunch from Fam. She got a curry soba noodle bowl with spicy corn, carrot, and onion. It looked and smelled delicious, so when I went to Fam yesterday I ordered it. You can add chicken for $3 or shrimp for $4, and I added chicken.

The curry bowl was a meal in itself, but I wanted to sample around the menu a bit, so I got a spring roll with shrimp as well.

This was fresh, delicious, and the greens in the roll were the same color as my troll’s hair, which made her happy. Fam is well worth a visit if you’re into Asian food.

If you’re interested in purchasing season tickets for Memphis 901 FC, account executives will be at AutoZone Park the next two Saturdays, February 16 and 23, from 10 AM to 2 PM. They will help you find the seats that you want to watch Memphis soccer.Call 901-721-6000 or email to schedule an appointment.

Looking for a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar? Sunrise Memphis has one:

The Daily Memphian’s Wayne Risher went on a World Class Tour of Memphis International Airport recently. The tour covered FedEc Express, the airport’s biggest tenant and a huge job creator in Memphis. Also discussed was what the airport is doing to recover from Delta’s pull-out of Memphis as a hub several years ago. There was some interesting trivia, including why the airport employs wildlife biologists and why fire trucks at the airport are yellow rather than the usual red. These tours are open to the public and the next one is April 4.

Kafe Kirk returns to the Halloran Centre tonight at 6. This series, centered around jazz musician Kirk Whalum, brings groovy, jazzy musical excitement to the stage. This month’s show features Everette Harp, a saxophonist who was ahead of the game in the 1990s when smooth jazz artists began incorporating hip-hop and R&B grooves.

The Flying Saucer is spotlighting their veggie burgers this week.

Let’s get ready to BATTLE! We put a new spin on our burger battle this week with some delicious veggie options. The “Flat Earther” is a handmade black bean patty dressed with crisp marinated cucumbers, Tabasco aioli, and arugula. The “Bruce Lee” is an Asian influenced impossible patty, grilled with a ginger honey glaze and topped with hoisin aioli and wasabi cole slaw! Get in here before they’re gone!!

Bluefin is hiring… I think???

Yesterday I was at Bardog talking to one of my neighbors, and she lamented that there’s no longer a bar Downtown that has NTN/Buzztime trivia. It’s addictive and customers tend to spend hours playing the games.

Rizzo’s will host a Blue Note Bourbon/Rye Dinner at its temporary location in the 409 South Main food hall on Tuesday, February 12. This will be a four course dinner paired with pairings of Blue Note Bourbon and River Set Rye. Chef says that if you love local craft bourbon, this is the event for you. He also notes that if you’re in the service industry, this would be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with the one you love.

From WREG: Arkansas Delta town Elaine is learning about the massacre that happened there 100 years ago, when 200 African-Americans were slaughtered after an attempt by black sharecroppers to unionize. Reading about how horrible our ancestors were is disconcerting, but necessary if we want to make sure history does not repeat itself.

Trolley Stop Market invites you to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. There will be cupcake and cookie decorating, movies, face painting, door prizes, and kids can make Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones.

Big day today. The leaders of the BBQ team are getting together to begin planning for 2019. We won a 7th place trophy in Shoulder last year, and the way we see it, we’ve got nowhere to go but up. This should be a very fun meeting. My troll, who is senior deputy director of public relations for the team, is so excited that she put on her BBQ Fest pig ears.

Back tomorrow with more news, and probably an update on the Moody Ques website as well.