Thursday update

Normally when I get a “click here to sign up to receive our newsletter” pop-up, I think, click here to get spammed every day. However, recently I found one such newsletter that is worth it, and I wanted to share it with my readers: I’ve been directed to several articles there recently, and when they offered to sign me up for their newsletter, I decided I would take the chance and unsubscribe later if it’s spammy.

It’s not spammy at all! Two days ago I blogged that I wanted to learn client-side Javascript frameworks, and yesterday’s newsletter contained a comparison between Angular, React, and Vue, right as I was in the process of trying to figure out which one of those I wanted to learn first. Last week I was talking with my friend Otto about the need to get up to speed on modern additions to the Javascript language. Yesterday’s newsletter linked to a summary of every addition to Javascript since 2015. The newsletter also figured out that I’m interested in psychology and smart cities, and sends me links to articles on those topics. Can Medium read minds? Anyway, go there, read some articles that interest you, and if it asks if you want to sign up for a newsletter, take a chance and see what it gives you. Relevant content in my inbox every morning? Yes, I will take that!

The AAC tournament kicks off at FedExForum today at noon as UConn takes on South Florida. Following that game, the Memphis Tigers play Tulane, winless in conference play this year, about 2:15. The Tigers are going to have to run the table this weekend and win the tournament on Sunday to have a chance to make it to the big dance. The Daily Memphian has the tournament bracket.

Max’s Sports Bar will open at 1 this afternoon for those who want to watch the Tigers game there. It’s on ESPNU, which a lot of bars with the standard Comcast packages do not carry but Max’s does. Starting tomorrow any games involving the Tigers will be on ESPN2 or ESPN.

This is what I plan on having for breakfast Sunday morning:

Pontotoc Lounge is doing a special Irish Breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day this Sunday for brunch. Bacon, sausage, eggs, peas, red and black pudding, and roasted tomatoes. Yum!

On Tuesday, June 11, tribute band Brit Floyd will be at the Orpheum to perform a special show for the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s rock opera The Wall.

Memphis in May announced this week that BBQ Fest will add a rib eating contest to its program this year. Details to come.

The new Malco theater on G.E. Patterson is still hiring bartenders and servers. Apply on ZipRecruiter or on

MLK50 has an excellent piece on what Tami Sawyer would do as mayor if elected. The community activist turned county commissioner wants to see equity across Memphis ZIP codes.

The weather widget on my desktop certainly has an interesting concept of what mist is.

Tonight is the kick-off to a weekend of St. Patrick’s celebration at Silky O’ Sullivan’s, the caravan to the airport to pick up the Irish dignitaries. The public is invited (21+) and there is plenty of room in the vehicles. After a drink at Maggie O’Shea’s at the airport, there will be stops at Huey’s on Madison, then Murphy’s, then back Downtown to Silky’s to party until the wee hours.

Read about all the things the Grizzlies are doing to celebrate Women’s History Month.

In honor of Pi Day, Aldo’s Pizza Pies is offering all slices for $3.14 today, and all 18 inch pies for $18.89. Why $18.89? Because in 1889 Queen Margherita approved the dish made with red tomato sauce, white mozzarella, and green basil reflecting the colors of the flag of newly-unified Italy.

Just learned that our friends at Squeal Street BBQ are only four doors down from us this year at BBQ Fest. Excellent, should be a good year for synergy between the two teams.

Downtown Walgreens is a good place to see athletes. I went there on my morning Mountain Dew run today and cheerleaders from USF were in front of me in line. Saturday when I went there, the director of soccer operations for the Tampa Bay Rowdies was behind me.

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is doing a book tour for a children’s book she wrote about endangered species. The tour will make a stop at the Memphis Zoo on Tuesday, April 23.

All right, that’s all for now. I’m going to read about Javascript for a while then get out somewhere and watch the game. Back tomorrow.