Monday update

I got more information about that party happening at the Blind Bear the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, September 1. It will be called “The Ultimate Brunch Set” with DJ Big Sue and it will happen from noon to 6 PM. A cigar roller will be on hand during that time.

I hear that Second Street Shopper, the convenience store across from the Peabody, is now carrying PBR Extra, the high-alcohol version of PBR, clocking in at 6.5% alcohol by volume. It is said to be more hoppy than regular PBR, but the flavor is still much the same.

The Grizzlies are holding a job fair for seasonal positions tomorrow 2-7 at FedExForum. A resume is required.

In other news, Tin Roof is hiring security guards.

Got stuff to do so I’m cutting this one short. Back tomorrow.