Sunday update

After yesterday I am making an executive decision regarding the content of this blog. I will no longer promote pub crawls that are corporate, for-profit, and organized by people who don’t live in Memphis. Multiple bartenders have said that the margarita pub crawl last night was the worst pub crawl they have ever experienced. It was said that the yahoos that participated in the crawl killed the vibe in the respective bars, ran the staff ragged, and didn’t tip. I guess they thought that their entry fee to the event, which ranged from $19.99 to $29.99 depending on when they paid, entitled them to not have to tip.

Let’s review my standards for deciding if an event is one I want to promote on here:

  1. Does the event make Memphis a more vibrant, interesting place?
  2. Are the organizers good people?
  3. Do the organizers associate with other good people?

In this case the answer to 2 and 3 is “No idea” and the answer to 1 is definitely “No.” I looked at the organizers’ Facebook page and they were promoting bar crawls in New York. No interest in helping them in the future.

NOTE: Locals who organize bar crawls and those who organize bar crawls for charity – YOU GOOD! You’re going to continue to get plenty of support from me. Everyone mark the first Saturday of December on the calendar. That is the date for Stumbling Santa, an awesome Downtown pub crawl that sees thousands of toys donated to kids who would otherwise not have a Christmas.

Bar owners, especially those who own bars that are not on Main Street: I understand these pub crawls are a lucrative source of revenue, and therefore it is in your best interest to book them. However, I would like to suggest that during the hours these crawls happen, you put your bartenders on salary at the rate of $20/hour to fairly compensate them for the amount of work they have to do. Clearly the pub crawlers themselves are not going to provide this compensation.

Come out to the Bardog alley party (officially named the Monroe Avenue Fest) today between 12 and 5!

  • Raffles for some sweet prizes
  • Food trucks, including New Wing Order and Cousins Maine Lobster
  • Live music by Drunk Uncle
  • Dunking booth
  • Face painting (Buddha volunteered; he will probably be painting Gene Simmons faces)
  • Grandma’s meatball eating contest at 4
  • Craft beer tent
  • VIP lounge with Jameson and air conditioning
  • Dabbles for donations – get your hair cut for a good cause
  • Grizzline drummers
  • Sliders and other grilled goodies for sale
  • Proceeds go to the kids of St. Jude

The festival is in front of 73 Monroe, the block of Monroe between Front and Main.

Nearly half of Americans don’t change their underwear daily. Well that’s nasty.

The Beach Within Reach party, rescheduled from a couple of weeks ago due to weather, happens this afternoon at Carolina Watershed. Slip & Slide, watermelon eating contest, Dad Bod contest, blended drinks.

There’s sunset yoga in the park at 51 N. Front tonight at 6. Bring a yoga mat because the yoga will be done on a grassy surface. Water and sunscreen would be good to bring too. YOGA!

That’s it for now. Going to pre-game at Blind Bear for a little while then head to the Bardog party about 12:30. Back soon with more news.