Thursday update: I got a job!

Good news: I have been offered a job and start today. Last week, my blog was shown to a couple of friends of mine who have a law firm. They have a couple of very high-profile cases coming up, and they needed someone to help them sort through the paperwork. Although I have no prior legal experience, they saw that I write well and that I have past experience teaching at a university, and decided that I am bright enough to handle the work.

It’s a very short walk from where I live. It’s a three-month gig, and it’s only part-time, 9 to 1, but that will leave me time to interview for other positions. I am incredibly grateful to these people for believing in me and giving me a chance, and I intend to work really hard. Obviously I can’t talk about the cases I’ll be working on, but they are both quite interesting and I feel like the work I’ll be doing will help get justice for people who need it.

I’ll write more later.