Sunday update: Tennessee belongs in the Sun Belt conference

With little time left in the BYU-Tennessee game yesterday, it looked like the Vols had the game in the bag, eager to avenge their loss to Sun Belt team Georgia State the week before. They were up 16-13 and were driving toward another touchdown to wrap up the win… but remember, this is Tennessee. They screwed up a run on 4th and 1, turning the ball over on downs. A little while later, BYU, facing a 3rd and 6 with 17 seconds left in the game, made a 60-plus yard play to get within field goal range. They kicked it, sending the game to overtime. Both teams scored touchdowns in the first OT, but in the second, Tennessee went first and couldn’t find the end zone, having to settle for a field goal. BYU then took their turn and scored a touchdown to win 29-26.

I checked ESPN’s site earlier in the week, and their BPI analysis had Tennessee the 72%-28% favorites to win the game. Yet they still managed to screw it up. Because that’s what Tennessee does. That is becoming their legacy. How ridiculous is it that Tennessee is in a Power Five conference and Memphis is not? Tennessee needs to drop down to the Sun Belt conference and let Memphis take its place. At least then Georgia State would get credit for a conference win when they beat Tennessee.

Jeremy Pruitt? More like Jeremy Blew It. I bet it was a depressing day for the “we all watch football together and root for each other’s teams” group that assembles at the corner table at Max’s Sports Bar. Here are some articles about Tennessee’s season thus far:

Next up for the Vollies: Chattanooga. ESPN has Tennessee as a 97.7% favorite in that game. Bet Tennessee blows that one too.

Let’s get on to the news:

Almost Elton John and the RocketMen will perform a sunset concert Thursday in Harbor Town starting at 6:30. How cool is it that we have an Elton John impersonator running for City Council?

Viva la Que (formerly Vin a Que) happens Thursday, September 19 at the Wiseacre taproom. This is to support the Brooks Museum and there will be open-flame foods paired with craft beers as well as pint glass painting, tours of the brewery, hair braiding, cornhole, and more.

Great news for my Cooper-Young readers: You’re getting a Maciel’s! The authentic Mexican torta and taco shop is coming to 820 S. Cooper, formerly Tart. It is said this location will resemble the Downtown location more than the Highland one. Never been to Maciel’s? Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Chorizo huarache (my very favorite)
  • Chorizo cheese dip
  • Tinga (spicy chicken) tacos
  • Torta Milanesa (deep-fried steak sandwich)
  • Elotes con crema (Mexican street corn)

I learned a lesson yesterday. You’ve got to be careful when you follow celebrities on Instagram. In the latest chapter of the Antonio Brown shitshow, he asked for his release from the Raiders on Instagram. Wanting to see what he’d do next, I followed AB on that platform. I immediately got hit with message requests from accounts named “Sexy Photos” and the like that had 0 posts, 0 followers, and were following 0.

There’s sunset jazz featuring Gerard Harris in Court Square tonight 5 to 7.

Edible Memphis has an article about cooking at home with Big Sue, the Downtown resident and K97 DJ who DJ’d the Blind Bear party last Sunday.

Here’s a look at FedExForum events happening this month:

There will be a White Claw Apocalypse party at Loflin Yard Saturday, September 21. White Claw is in short supply since it has become so popular, so this will be a day to mark the end of readily-available Claws and the end of summer.

That’s it for now. I stayed home for brunch this morning because I’m slowly starting to train myself that I don’t have to spend every moment other than when I’m at work or asleep at a bar. Writing in my personal journal and catching up on things I have let go for too long. I’ll probably get out around 4 though. Back soon with more news.