Truck stop chicken coming to trendy Main Street spot

Folks, I have big news. If you want Chester’s Fried Chicken and you live Downtown, you will no longer have to drive across the bridge to the truck stop at Exit 272 to satisfy your hunger.

Yesterday I saw this sign on the door of Bluefin’s side bar, formerly Bluefin Diner, Bluefin coffee shop, and Bluefin deli. Yep, they’re going to be slingin’ chicken out of that space now. This is probably the smartest thing the new owners have done since they took over a few years ago. Man, you know the folks over at Gus’s a few blocks away must be shakin’ in their boots at the thought of the intense competition.

The Grizzlies host the Charlotte Hornets at 7 this evening in a pre-season game. This will be our first look at the 2019-2020 Grizzlies versus an NBA opponent. The game will be on NBA TV.

Edible Memphis has a new sandwich guide, curated by a member of the Memphis Sandwich Clique.

There’s a bar in St. Louis with a new concept: They charge by the hour, not by the drink. So, for example, if you want to drink Bud Light, you pay $10 an hour and you can drink all you want during that hour.

Only in Texas: A man brought a steer to Petco to test their “all leashed pets are welcome” policy

Time to get this week started. Back tomorrow with more news.