Wednesday update

So, the past few weeks I’ve been receiving spam texts like these:

“I want to have a crazy night with you. What’s your plan for tonight? (website short URL)”

“You are a living, breathing sexual fantasy. (website short URL)”

Obviously I didn’t respond or click on the URLs. However, I did notice that the sender appeared to be texting everyone with a 901-581-xxxx phone number, unaware whether any particular permutation of that number was connected to a phone.

Yesterday I learned what’s probably going on there. There’s a new scam going around called SIM swapping, where the scammer is able to get access to your email, your social media accounts, your bank account login, etc. They’re also able to change your passwords, get two-factor authentication codes and the like. The reason this particular scam is so hard to prevent is that it relies on your phone number, which is not a private piece of information. All they have to do is convince a representative of your phone provider (AT&T, Verizon, or whoever) that they’re you and that they lost their phone and need to get their number – meaning, your number – switched over to the SIM card in the phone they brought with them.

The FTC has information about protecting yourself from SIM swap scams. Obviously, don’t click URLs contained in text messages from unknown senders. Furthermore, I would not even reply “stop” to be taken off their group list, because it gives the scammers the information that your phone number is live.

Knotfest Roadshow will make its way to FedExForum Friday, June 12, with performances by Slipknot, A Day to Remember, Underoath, and Code Orange.

The Memphis Flyer has posted job requirements for its Editor position now that current editor Bruce VanWyngarden plans on stepping down. They are accepting submissions through March 15.

Congratulations are in order for two members of the Grizzlies:

  • Ja Morant has been named Western Conference Rookie of the Month for January. This is his third such award this season.
  • Taylor Jenkins has been named Western Conference Coach of the Month for January.

Penny’s Memphis Tigers host Temple tonight at FedExForum. Tip-off is 7 PM. The game will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network.

Job news: Innovate Memphis seeks a Community Data Lead.

MIFA put the spotlight on a few upcoming volunteer opportunities in their recent e-newsletter and I wanted to mention them here. First of all, they have a Family Service Day on Presidents Day, Monday, February 17, from 9 am to noon at their headquarters at 910 Vance. Families will learn about MIFA’s programs, have a quick breakfast, and then deliver Meals on Wheels to seniors. Space is limited. Email or call 901-529-4586 to sign up.

MIFA will help serve guests on Tuesdays at the Calvary Lenten Waffle Shop beginning March 3. For more information email or call 901-529-4560.

There will be a MIFA Serves day on Saturday, April 4. Volunteers will gather at the headquarters at 910 Vance then spread out to clean up the surrounding neighborhood. If interested in helping email or call 901-529-4586.

The list of restaurants participating in Black Restaurant Week is out. Expect multi-course meals and great values the week of March 8-14. Downtown participants include Sage, The Office @ Uptown, Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe, Robusto by Havana Mix, Flava House, and Curry N Jerk. View the menus

You’ve heard of beer bars and wine bars, but in Colorado there’s a butter bar. You can order a flight of four different butters, which comes with a warm baguette.

Edible Memphis posted that Wrapsody, the popular lunch spot at 99 N. Main, now has a food truck that can be found in the South Main district most days. For now the food truck is cash only, although they do accept CashApp.

Coors Light will cover adoption fees for up to 1000 dogs around the country through February 21.

Further proof that Downtown’s Cossitt Library is not your grandfather’s library: They had some Nintendo 64 action going on at their pop-up library inside Puck Food Hall for January Trolley Night. They say they may bring the game console back for future events.

That’s the news for today. Back tomorrow with more.