Wednesday update #1

Here we go again. You know, when the city started closing down toward the end of last week, I worried, “What will I write about?” That hasn’t been a problem. There’s been plenty.

Explore Bike Share is offering free bike rentals for the next four weeks, so that we can ride out the coronavirus outbreak.

PBR Hard Coffee was spotted at 40 West Liquor in West Memphis.

From Memphis magazine’s Ask Vance: A rare view of Chickasaw Park in Downtown Memphis. Most modern Memphians have never heard of this park.

Loflin Yard’s cocktails are now available by the gallon for pick-up or delivery. Order here

All Huey’s locations are now offering curbside pickup for orders of food, beer, wine, and liquor (liquor not available at the Southaven location).

MLGW community offices, including the ones Downtown, are closed to the public. Use the drive-thru or drop box to pay in person.

For those of you working from home, and not driving your vehicles regularly, I’ll pass along some advice for a friend: About once a week, take your car out on the interstate for a few miles. It’ll keep gunk from building up in your fuel system that could lead to expensive repairs.

Here’s a link to the 2020 Census online form for those who haven’t filled that out yet.

Yesterday felt like the first “normal” day for me since the bars closed. It seemed like for the first time, I had subconsciously accepted the fact that I had nothing but my laptop and my TV to keep me occupied all day long… but you know what, I never got bored. I cranked out 6 blog posts. I watched 12 episodes of Criminal Minds. I joined that all-you-can-read book service Scribd – there’s still a 30-day trial but I didn’t see a way to sign up without providing a credit card number or PayPal payment, but that’s okay – and I got through 29% of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuvah Noel Harari.

Today I will get through the rest of the book and see what else I can find to read on Scribd, go to Walgreens and see if they have toilet paper in stock, and maybe start figuring out ways to earn an income online. And, of course, I will update this blog throughout the day, so there may well be another 6 posts. Check back throughout the day for lunch specials and immediate news that can’t wait for the next “daily update” post.