Thursday update

Yesterday I decided to try one of the new meat plates the Blind Bear has. You get a meat and two sides for $10, or two meats and six sides for $20. I decided to order the big combo and have leftovers for the next couple of days. For my meats I selected smoked beef brisket and grilled kielbasa.

For my sides I got two orders of green beans… (only half the double order shown below. This was Perjorie’s favorite side)

Two orders of baked beans… (also only half the double order shown. The beans were Mendatius’s favorite)

… and a double order of fries.

I got BBQ sauce for dipping the meats, and of course, I substituted ranch for ketchup for dipping the fries. Ketchup is the most boring condiment ever. Which should make ketchup the official condiment of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Flavor on the meats was really good. Other meat options were smoked pulled pork, smoked ribs, 3 chicken tenders, or a fried chicken thigh and leg quarter. Other vegetables included cheddar mac & cheese, cole slaw, asparagus, or potato salad.

The 2 meats/6 sides for $20 is a heck of a deal and should keep me fed through Friday. Check it out and support our local businesspeople. The Bear will be open 3-7 today with the same offerings.

Let’s hear it once again for some more good guys: If you stop in Grecian Gourmet on South Main, you will find owners Jeff Watkins and JoAnn Graves working by themselves. They sent their employees home, and are paying them not to work. They didn’t want to risk exposing their employees to the virus. Check out their menu and support these wonderful people by ordering food to-go. Don’t forget that you can include beer, wine, or homemade sangria in your order.

Sports writer/radio host Gary Parrish tweeted that the people at FedExForum have been in touch with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about using the arena as an overflow medical facility if needed. Parrish also said that Grizzlies majority owner Robert Pera has donated 300,000 meals to a local food bank.

Something I read last night that I thought was worth sharing: When your life is over here on Earth, you don’t cease to exist. You don’t die. You simply change form. It’s entirely possible that by the end of this month, every one of us will know someone who was lost to the coronavirus. Perhaps that thought could be somewhat comforting, that they’re not gone forever; they just changed form. (That came from Conversations with God vol. 2 by Neale Donald Walsch which I am currently re-reading on my Scribd trial membership.)

Short post this morning, but I’ll possibly be back more later today.