House arrest Day 15: Video of that wreck in Horn Lake, custom masks

A friend of mine used that term – “house arrest” – in a Facebook post last night, and suddenly I have words to describe the feeling I have had the past two weeks. As I have said on here before, a day without friends is a day not lived. These days, instead of being among the people I enjoy in the places I enjoy, I stay home and surf Twitter on my laptop, where Jane “#StayHome and #SociallyDistanceYourself” Brooks suggests that maybe taking lessons on how to draw Snoopy would be a good alternative to pass the time. And if I’m feeling really, really social, I could conference in one of my friends on Zoom, and we could compare our Snoopy drawings!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it has to be this way. And I will do my part to prevent the spread of the virus. But what I won’t do is put on a happy face and pretend I like it. Fuck this shit.

What do you think? Should I abandon the “____day update” titles and go with “House arrest day __” until this is over?

One of the side benefits of sheltering at home, though, is that these days you can get just about anything delivered to your door… including Girl Scout cookies. Through a program called Cookie Care, you can order cookies to be delivered to your home. If you’re in a giving mood, you can order cookies to be delivered to medical workers, first responders, or volunteers.

Another unexpected benefit of the pandemic… robocallers have to socially distance too, and you can’t do that in crowded boiler rooms in places like India and the Philippines. As a result, robocalls are down significantly lately. Now that I think about it, I haven’t had one all week, where 3-4 a day was my usual average not long ago.

Bluesman Eric Hughes performs nightly at 8, live online in a show he calls Scrappie’s Jukehouse. Give it a watch at @EricHughesMusic.

Let’s hear it for the good guys one more time: Huey’s has not laid off any of their 585 employees, nor cut their pay. Why not support the people who take care of their own people by having a Huey burger for lunch today?

Any locals doing a chat room or similar where Wrestlemania can be discussed as it happens Saturday or Sunday? If so, and you feel like sending your ol’ buddy Paul an invite, that’d be all right.

Tin Roof has two The Music Never Stops Facebook Live events tonight, with virtual tip jars so you can support the musicians. Rodell McCord kicks things off 6 to 7, then Carlos Valadez takes the stage 7 to 8.

Live video of that wreck/officer-involved shooting that happened at Goodman Rd. and Interstate Blvd. in Horn Lake yesterday. This is some must-see TV. (Warning: language NSFW)

MLGW will waive late fees on bills today and going forward through the pandemic.

Custom protective masks. Note the Max’s Sports Bar masks:

All right, I’ll go ahead and publish. If more news comes in, there will be a House arrest day 15 / update 2 post later today.