Thursday update #3: Community fund to help hospitality industry, Flying Saucer deal, Peabody Easter dinner at home, free SiriusXM and more

In Monday’s post, I mentioned that displaced hospitality industry workers (including those who worked at bars and restaurants) could visit Welcome to Memphis and apply for a COVID-19 relief grant through the end of the business day Monday, April 6. A number of people subsequently contacted Welcome to Memphis to learn how they could contribute to money supporting Memphis hospitality workers. Because of that interest, an entirely separate relief fund has been set up through The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis. If you would like to donate to that fund, here’s a link.

The Peabody had to cancel its annual Easter brunch spread, but you can still enjoy Peabody Easter dinner at home. There are three options, each feeding a family or four, and each with side dishes: Herb crusted beef tenderloin ($140), roast turkey breast ($85), or honey Jack glazed ham ($85). They also have side-item add-ons (including Easter eggs) and beverage add-ons. Order until 6 PM on April 8.

From Global Cafe in Crosstown Concourse:

YUMMMM. Don’t forget Global Cafe delivers Downtown now!

From the Flying Saucer. This is a really good deal!

Buy two 25oz cans of anything on our tap wall, and get one free! That’s 75ounces of your favorite brews for only $16! Cheers beerknurds! 🍻

Even if your selected beers only average out to 5% alcohol by volume, that’s still a Value Drinking Index of 25 (15 or better is considered a good value for craft and import beers).

Precious Achiuwa on getting ready for the NBA draft and how the skill set he displayed with the 2019-20 Tigers projects to the NBA:

The debit card chip reader at Family Dollar, which I reported was having some trouble as of Monday, is working again. Insider tip: Don’t miss out on the dollar bags of cookies & cream Easter eggs.

SiriusXM will be free through May 15, announced network host Howard Stern, to help the public fight boredom during the coronavirus pandemic.

From Felicia:

They were almost 40 years before their time: Sports Illustrated interviews Terry Funk about his empty-arena match with Jerry “The King” Lawler in April 1981.

There’s going to be an Archie Bunker’s Place marathon on Antenna TV (rabbit ears 3.3) this Saturday from 11 AM to 7:30 PM. Greatest character in television history.

In a good mood today… having canceled unneeded services, deposited checks, and checked balances, I have found that I’m in a much better financial position to get through this stupid pandemic than I thought I was 10 days ago. In addition, while cleaning the apartment, I found an unused Majestic Grille gift card which almost certainly came from one of their “spend $25, get a $50 card” annual sales. I’d be in a better mood if I were sitting at Silly Goose’s happy hour with my friends, but those days will return.

I joined Zoom in case anyone wants to have a meeting or happy hour or anything.

Dudes who use Twitter to creep on attractive local weather forecasters… c’mon, man.

Back tomorrow unless something really time-sensitive comes along today.