House arrest day 38 (should have been Wine Race day)

Today was scheduled to be one of the most debaucherous days of the spring, for the Beale Street Wine Race. Featuring a beauty pageant, a grape stomp, a parade, and of course the signature wine relay as well as plenty of Big Ass Beers and Wet Willie’s Call-a-Cab daiquiris, Wine Race is always eagerly anticipated… but not this year.

First person who says, “We can still be debaucherous while staying home and observing proper social distancing” gets a punch in the throat and a Lysol martini.

Yo, Handsome Jimbo from Mempho (Strickland, not Valiant, that is), you think you might be able to make an exception for FedExForum in your order requiring gyms to be closed?

As your number-one source of news and information about The Edge District, it is my duty to link you to this article from the Daily Memphian about the former Commercial Appeal building on Union. It is being converted to a COVID-19 hospital and should be ready to go by May 16. At this point we’re likely to not need it, but isn’t it good to have there in case of an emergency?

From MakeUseOf: 4 ways to play board games online with friends during the quarantine

This is a good one:

People posting to Nextdoor indicate that dumping on the north end of Mud Island continues to be a problem. Items ranging from furniture to satellite dishes have been found there. If you need to dispose of large items, please take them to the landfill.

Don’t forget to check the Memphis Flyer music blog for a list of live music events streaming online. A new list is published every Thursday.

I found a useful site last week that I thought I’d share: Online OCR. You upload images of text, and it converts them into Word format. Other output formats are possible as well.

I found this site after re-reading several hardcover and paperback books I bought between 15 and 20 years ago. It was a pleasure to get back to them, but I realized they lacked two features I rely on in modern books (every book I’ve purchased the last 11 years has been done as a Kindle book): the ability to search the text of the book, and the ability to read them on my phone. So I’ve been using Online OCR to scan a few of my books page by page and re-create them as Word documents. I already paid for the books, and it’s not like I’m sharing them on a torrent site or anything; I’m just making them more useful to me as the owner.

The Rusty Pieces are back with a live stream this Thursday. I will be listening.

The Big Red Machine!

Tea Pain wins the Internet with this comment on Disinfectant Donnie:

It’s now being reported that Captain Clorox is considering canceling the daily White House coronavirus briefings. “What is the purpose?”

That’s it for this post. Back later today, or tomorrow, with more news.