House arrest day 41 (Wednesday)

The Daily Memphian reports this morning that local mayors were looking to May 1 as the day to begin Phase 1 of re-opening, until the spike in the number of cases discovered this past weekend. Now their plans are on hold again, but this still seems like good news, an indication that the house arrest will be over sooner rather than later.

Here’s a recap of WMC Action News 5’s Road to Reopening Town Hall. I was extremely impressed with every mayor and health official on the panel. Every one of those people was concerned with striking the best balance between protecting public health and minimizing damage to the economy. They were all working together and there was no one panel member pushing his/her own agenda ahead of the best interests of the entire community. Any time you get a panel of 8 people from this area together and not one of them is a kook, that’s a mighty fine accomplishment.

Channel 5, however, does become the latest news outlet I have to call out for their reporting. They had a story about how re-opening at 50% of capacity could hurt small restaurants. For the story they interviewed Chef Kelly English, and people in charge at Babalu and Central BBQ. Where are the “small” restaurants there? I don’t know the capacity of restaurants city-wide. Speaking for Downtown, though, I’d interview Pam and Bill from River Time Market & Deli, the owners of Little Italy on G.E. Patterson, and Max from Max’s Sports Bar.

Virtual Voices returns to the Orpheum’s Facebook feed this Saturday:

Might wanna start your car if you haven’t done so in a while.

My list of the possible temperature/precipitation ranges yesterday for the rescheduled Music Fest led people to ask if I could do the same for BBQ Fest, now scheduled to be held September 30-October 3. I was also asked if I thought BBQ Fest would happen. Let’s start off with the climate data:

  • Normal high 80 (30th-1st), 79 (2nd-3rd); normal low 59 (30th-2nd), 58 (3rd)
  • Hottest: 96 (30th and 1st), 97 (2nd), 98 (3rd). The October 1-3 record highs were set last year.
  • Warmest lows: 77 (30th and 3rd), 75 (1st), 76 (2nd)
  • Coolest highs: 56 (30th), 53 (1st), 60 (2nd), 59 (3rd)
  • Coldest: 36 (30th), 40 (1st), 39 (2nd), 38 (3rd)
  • Rain (inches): 2.1 (30th), 2.64 (1st), 1.77 (2nd), 2.98 (3rd)

As for BBQ Fest happening, here’s my prediction:

  • If the Redbirds play in front of fans (can be less than capacity/socially distanced) at AutoZone Park July 4, there is a 50% chance or better BBQ Fest will happen Sept. 30-Oct. 3
  • If the Redbirds play without fans, or at another location, or if there is no baseball July 4, there is less than a 50% chance BBQ Fest will happen Sept. 30-Oct. 3

In other words, I see the Redbirds as the groundhog of BBQ Fest. Mmmm… groundhog… I need to suggest that for the “Anything But” competition.

Crosstown Brewing Co. has virtual general trivia tonight at 7:30. Click the “Tickets” link on the event page to join in on Zoom.

There will be an Opera for Animals on Facebook Live tonight at 7. Kacky Walton of WKNO will host.

That’s it for now. I’m going to keep my eye on the Shelby County number of new cases to be released around 10 this morning. A growth of 3% (which would be about 70 cases) or less would be encouraging. Back tomorrow with more news, later today if I see the need for a second post.