Monday update

The Daily Memphian recently published some exciting news about a Downtown Memphis institution of higher learning. The University of Memphis Law School is now a top 20 law school for placing students in federal clerkships. These clerkships are a sign of prestige in the law community and often put a young attorney’s career on the fast track to success. Memphis is tied with Cornell for the 20th spot, and is ranked higher than regional schools Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Patrick and Deni Reilly have info about their ghost restaurant Cocozza that will operate out of the Majestic Grille:

As I posted this weekend, I’ve been experimenting with an apple cider vinegar & dish soap mix to trap fruit flies/gnats. One thing I’ve learned: Close every drain in your home before putting the trap out. If you don’t, you’ll end up with more fruit flies than you started with, not fewer.

My Facebook friends also advised me to pour boiling water down every drain twice a day. Boiling water is a bit beyond my kitchen abilities, though.

The Memphis Flyer has an article about the online specialty store Wok’n in Memphis will open later this month. Shiso vinegar, soy sauce, kimchi, and oils to be used in cooking will be among the products offered.

My intuition tells me the bars limited service restaurants will stay closed until the first week of October. I hope I’m wrong, because that would be economically devastating for my friends who work in or own those businesses. It would also mean we have months of suffering and death from COVID-19 ahead of us.

At least COVID-19 stopped those “We Love Pub Crawls” events that were organized by national companies rather than locals. Those events were total amateur nights and crapped up our favorite spots with rude, demanding people who never tip. The crawls were like party pedal bikes minus the wheels.

As I’ve been doing lately, I took a six-pack of PBR up to the rooftop about an hour before sunset, and discovered there was a celebration going on… two of my neighbors had just got married! Congratulations! Socializing with my neighbors is going to help me hold on to my sanity during the pandemic.

Gladly accepting invitations to do things at locations that are not in bars limited service restaurants… last week’s health directive was not a stay-home order and I have no intention of locking myself in my apartment every minute I am not at work. Back tomorrow with more news.