Sunday update

Normally I save the political stuff until the end of my posts, but this is just so damn funny I can’t help it.

I opened Twitter this morning and saw “Macho Man” as a trending topic. I thought immediately of deceased pro wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage, but no, he wasn’t the trend.

Rather, the Trump campaign used “Macho Man” by the Village People, a song by six gay men that celebrates being gay, as the background music for a rally in Nevada.

Now, I can believe the stiff, boring, old white men who run Trump’s campaign didn’t know the connotations of this song. But surely Trump himself would have known! After all, this song had to be playing when he did lines (I don’t mean line dances) at Studio 54 in 1980.

Now I see that the campaign used “YMCA” lyrics too. That song’s writer says he doesn’t mind as long as Trump does the dance.

Let’s have a look at the Shelby County COVID-19 data dashboard:

  • The 7-day rolling average of number of new cases, by date of test (third graph from the top) is 117. The COVID-19 task force needs to see a number at or below 180 to consider opening the bars and relaxing the stupid restrictions on restaurants.
  • The 7-day rolling positivity rate, by date of test (fifth graph from the top) is 9.8%. This is highly significant because this weekend, for the first time since June 18, the number is below the 10% threshold at which the task force would consider opening bars and relaxing stupid restaurant restrictions.

The task force does not plan on making any decisions for one more week, because they want the data to roll in from Labor Day weekend. However, absent a trend upward, it is possible and maybe even likely more businesses will be open, and with fewer regulations, soon.

Daily Memphian: Shelby County positivity rate near 10% for the past month. The article also reveals another important statistic that I wish the Health Department would do more to make public. R, the reproduction rate of the virus, stands at 0.87. R needs to be at or below 1 to open the bars.

On the flip side of the coin, I encourage you to read James Aycock’s weekly wrap-up of Shelby County COVID-19 data. Mr. Aycock would probably disagree with me on whether bars should open after one more week, but there is one point on which I completely agree with him: THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TESTING. We need programs to encourage people to go get tested for free. That means changing the perception that you’re going to be sitting in a hot car in line for three hours. This means first changing the reality that people are going to be sitting in their cars in line for three hours.

Back in early July, a friend of mine went to get tested. He did not have any coronavirus symptoms, nor was he aware of being exposed to a known case of the virus. However, he is a manager of a chain restaurant here in town, and so it’s his job to interact with the public 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.  He got the test done out of curiosity. Seems to me we need to encourage more than that these days.

In other coronavirus news, the Memphis Tigers have postponed a primetime game against the Houston Cougars next Saturday because of a COVID-19 outbreak among the team. The Tigers will have to go out to bars if they want to see any cougars this week… no, wait, they can’t even do that because the bars are closed. The matchup between two of the AAC’s top teams will hopefully occur later this fall.

A search is on for a man who went missing and whose belongings were found in Martyr Park yesterday. The man was released from Alliance Healthcare Friday around 8 PM and no one has seen him since.

More rain may arrive in Memphis mid-week. Tropical Storm Sally (no doubt named for Carmel’s cat) is expected to hit Louisiana or possibly Mississippi as a Category 1 or 2 hurricane tomorrow. September 13 and we’re already running out of storm names.

Is Schroeder on the list for male hurricane names? The other cat’s got to get his fame as well.

From Yahoo! Finance: Here’s what $650,000 can get you in Memphis (as relates to buying a home). This appears to be part of a series on real estate in various cities. A Mud Island home is featured.

DittyTV will stream an online concert presenting United by Music North America tonight from 8 to 9.

I am taking a break from going out this week, with one possible exception which I’ll get to in a minute. Yesterday I signed up for a course on writing on the platform, presented by an author who is one of Medium’s top writers and also the co-editor of one of its publications, The Post-Grad Survival Guide. Not having tabs at restaurants this week will cover part of what I spent on the course.

It’s not so much that I feel like I need instruction on how to write, but rather on how to work the Medium platform to its fullest potential. The most well-paid writers are not the best writers, but good writers who cultivate the most connections. The latter half of this week, I have been working the “people” aspect of Medium in addition to publishing two new articles. My number of followers has increased 6x since Wednesday and my earnings have increased 11x. If this trend continues, by Tuesday of this week I’ll have earned enough to pay for a PBR at the Blind Bear, and by Wednesday I’ll have earned enough to pay for a PBR at Bardog.

Now, as for that one day a week when I may have to get out, want to or not… I may need to put out a fire with the trivia team. Last week I made a mistake. There was a bonus question: Name 10 states that have voted Republican every presidential election since 1980. I scratched Texas out in favor of Arizona because I thought Texas was more likely to have voted for Carter in 1980. I got that one wrong.

Apparently one of my teammates has his feathers all ruffled that I cost us 1 point of out a possible 100 points on a trivia quiz that at best could have resulted in a $40 gift card split among 6 people. So my error contributed 1/100th of a loss of a possible $6.67 windfall for him. Oh, by the way, I contributed five other answers, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alaska, that were correct. But that doesn’t matter. Texas is all that matters.

In case you’re wondering, the correct answers in alphabetical order were Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska (statewide, although Obama won NE-02 in 2012), North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. Texas did vote for Carter in 1976, but that was outside the time frame of the question. Wikipedia entry for red and blue states with color chart of elections since 1972

That’s it for today. Happy brunching to those of you who do go out. Back tomorrow with more news.