Friday update: Feelin’ Memphis, a new Memphis-themed gift shop on South Main

Tawanda Pirtle and her husband Cordell are about as Memphis as they come. They are co-owners of the local Jack Pirtle’s fried chicken chain. They are also longtime Downtowners. This week Tawanda announced her latest venture.

MEMPHIS continues to be a wonderful place to live and love…. please stop by and see me at our new little gift boutique at 509 S Main, DOWNTOWN MEMPHIS… ‘Feelin Memphis’… this store is open because a group of friends got together and brain storm during this PANDEMIC and worked really hard to make it happen.. ITS A WORK IN PROGRESS….we have a group of FABULOUS small business owners on South Main, we all are alittle different but WE ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON… WE LOVE MEMPHIS AND LOVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to continue making OUR CITY known for truly what is it…. A CITY OF LOVE OF ALL MANKIND.

Please go by and support this wonderful new local business at 509 S. Main this weekend. This makes me want to hang out on Beale Street this weekend so I can tell all the tourists to go there.

Now, on not such a high note… what in the world is going on at Residence Inn by Marriott (the Wm. Len building) at Main and Monroe? They were shoveling and hammering all night. The noise woke me up multiple times throughout the night, including 12:30 and 4:45 which were the two times I glanced over at the alarm clock. If that continues to happen I am going to put a call in with the city.

Tomorrow is Makeda Day all day long at Makeda’s Cookies, 488 S. Second. $1 butter cookies all day.

The Memphis Fire Museum will host a scavenger hunt on Halloween from 9 AM to 3:30 PM so kids can have fun that day while remaining safe from COVID-19. Signup info

Y’all ready for some more food porn?

These are the Italian nachos at Silly Goose, which differ from the BBQ nachos on their toppings. These come with mozzarella, parmesan, feta, olives, mushrooms, and garlic creme. You can get them topped with chicken or pork for $12 full order/$8 half order, or add shrimp for $3 more. The pork comes from Black Sheep Meats and I strongly recommend it as your protein.

By the way… anyone who owns an iPhone 11 that can offer me some camera advice, I’d appreciate it. I can’t figure out why the troll’s face has been blurry in the past couple of photos. She’s very upset about it, thinking that she is the centerpiece of every photo and the food is just there as window dressing. Apparently I pushed a setting on the screen without realizing it. I need to search for an iPhone 11 manual I guess.

Memphis River Parks Partnership has presented an updated Tom Lee Park plan to the public. Notable quotable:

Coletta said getting rid of loud, chaotic driving on Riverside would help reduce noise. “If you’re trying to show how fast you can drive, Riverside Drive will not be an inviting place,” she said.

That sounds great, provided MPD has a plan to make sure Front Street does not become the alternate drag racing strip.

A child was shot at Tennessee and Huling Wednesday night.

Slider Inn Downtown weekend entertainment schedule:

Due to Hurricane Delta the Ole Miss-Alabama kickoff time has been moved from 5 PM to 6:30 PM.

Delta has also caused LSU’s home game vs. Missouri to be moved to Columbia.

Starting today the Majestic Grille reopens inside as Cocozza (DM subscriber-only link). The owners Patrick & Deni Reilly say the Majestic will be back, but they will only bring it back when they can bring it back fully as people love and remember it.

My writing career on continues to go well. In the first 8 days of October, I earned more than the previous 35 days as a published author on that site. I am building relationships with fellow writers on there and am getting their advice on picking up freelance copywriting and editing jobs on Upwork and Fiverr. Probably I will use the Thanksgiving holiday to rewrite my resume and LinkedIn page and build a portfolio, then start picking up gigs after that.

Biden is now an 85/15 favorite in FiveThirtyEight’s electoral simulation, another new record. For my Texas Hold’em playing friends, this is the equivalent of Trump going all-in pre-flop without looking at his cards and knowing that Biden has pocket Aces. The simulation still projects Pennsylvania as the tipping-point state and Biden is an 86/14 favorite there. Providing extra electoral votes to Bliden beyond the tipping-point state will be Nebraska-2 (Biden a 74/26 favorite), Florida (Biden a 71/29 favorite), Arizona (Biden 67/33), North Carolina (Biden 61/39), and Ohio (Biden 53/47). The next state would be Georgia (Trump 53/47). The Trump campaign is in deep trouble if Ohio and Georgia are the true toss-up states.

I have an exciting day at work, and after that my plan is to get down to South Main and see Tawanda’s new gift shop. While I’m down there, I will enjoy a beverage (and of course, food, thanks to the stupid rule in Health Directive 13) at a local establishment, either Slider Inn or Max’s Sports Bar. Back tomorrow with more news.