Sunday update

Oh, man. I continue to have intense dreams as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on for the 7th month. This morning I got up at 5 AM and took 6 pages in a notebook journaling what went on in a dream I had last night. In the end I boiled the dream down to this statement:

Inner life is a constant struggle between

  • The parent-in-you who “knows what’s best”
  • The child-in-you who “feels what’s right”

I bet I could write a good post on Medium about that topic. Hell, it’s possibly a topic worthy of a book. Maybe even a series of books.

Bloomers with the win for Best Shirt at Bardog Tavern yesterday:

Tawanda Pirtle posted the hours for her new Feelin’ Memphis gift shop at 409 S. Main. If you haven’t seen it, scroll back to the previous post for plenty of photos! The hours are

  • 9 AM-6 PM Monday-Friday
  • 8 AM-4 PM Saturday-Sunday

James Aycock has posted his independent analysis of Shelby County COVID-19 data for the past week. We’re heading in the wrong direction once again. Testing is up, but cases are up by a larger percentage. He says at the end that he’s not advocating closing down again, and that he thought it was silly to treat restaurants and bars differently. (AGREE!) He just thinks going all-in on masking alone is not going to be enough. Looking at the COVID Act Now page for Shelby County, the reproduction rate is back up to 0.99 again, and we really need to keep that below 1. We’re up to 15.2 daily new cases per 100K, the highest we’ve seen since September 24.

For those of you who write code and might enjoy talking with others about your project, there’s a free online Code Together community coding session today 1-3 PM.

I have an idea for a Medium article to write, so time to sign out of here and get to work on that. Back tomorrow with more news.