Thursday update

I have a suggestion for my photographer friends out there, When I write professionally on Medium, I use free stock photo sites like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Pixy, and Freepik to find photos to enhance my stories. These make them more visually appealing and encourage people to read longer, making me more money.

So yesterday, I was contemplating a story about how, in 2020, I find it far more fulfilling to be a struggling writer than to have a “safe, secure” corporate job in web development. I knew exactly the photo I wanted to illustrate my point. But I couldn’t find it on ANY free stock photo site.

Photographers, if you want to get your name out there, go find someone with a pet rat and photograph it running on its exercise wheel.

Yeah, I know, you probably want to focus on paid gigs, not producing photos for free stock sites, but trust me, this’ll get used HUNDREDS of times. It’ll get your name out there. I would recommend putting it on Unsplash, which has a partnership with Medium, the platform I write for.

The Daily Memphian podcast featuring Tawanda Pirtle has dropped! Jennifer Biggs and Tawanda talk about Biggs’ first-ever steak sandwich from Jack Pirtle’s Chicken, the history of the fast-food chain, and Tawanda’s new gift shop Feelin’ Memphis at 509 S. Main.

The County Commission grilled Dr. Haushalter, Shelby County Health Department Director, about the large party that happened at In Love in Hickory Hill Saturday night. The party crowded many people into an enclosed, heated tent with little to no masking or social distancing. Dr. H says the health directive will be rewritten to address situations like this one. In Love announced yesterday that they will close until the 17th, reminding me of a university athletic department that self-imposes sanctions hoping the NCAA will be satisfied and won’t impose more.

Grizzlies star Ja Morant admitted he was at the party and should have had a mask on. 21-year-olds do stupid shit and have to learn from their mistakes, and being Rookie of the Year does not exempt you from that rule.

From Amazon: Social distancing stick helps you keep a safe distance during the pandemic. Duuuude. Never mind COVID-19, I needed this in 2009.

Couple of restaurant closures: Michael Patrick of Rizzo’s has announced that the restaurant will be closed for lunch through Friday, but apparently this is good news, because he’s going to be back with something his customers will love.

Not such good news: Catherine & Mary’s has had to temporarily close after a staff member tested positive for the ‘rona. They will remain close until all team members have been tested and until they get done thoroughly sanitizing the restaurant.

Action News 5 reports that South Main Santa is collecting donations at 11 area businesses. You can drop off personal care items, toys, and masks to be given to those in need this holiday season – and when you do, you get discounts at participating restaurants and shops. Can’t make it down there but want to help out? Here’s a link where you can donate by PayPal.

The CA has a look at Dr. Bean’s Coffee & Tea Emporium’s new home inside Stock & Belle at 387 S. Main. The shop had been previously located down the street at the now-closed Puck Food Hall at 409 S. Main.

Mighty Lights honored the 293 victims who have lost their lives to violence in Memphis in 2020 last night.

Today is National Green Bean Casserole Day.

Penny Hardaway’s Tigers romped to an 83-54 win over Arkansas State at home last night. forecast: Rainy and cold, high 45. Rain chance 100%. Well that sounds absolutely terrible, especially with Thursday being my going-out day.

Now that December’s here, I gotta wonder: If we get a few inches of snow, do the people working from home get a snow day? My guess is they don’t. Related question: Is there still $2 Fireball at Bardog when it snows, or was that one of the COVID casulaties?

Turnstyles plays Grind City Brewery tonight at 5:30. Go see the place if you haven’t already. It’s beautiful!

Get a look at Memphis Chess Club without leaving your desk. There will be a Virtual Carryout Concert there noon to 1 that will be broadcast on Facebook Live. Or, if you want to come down and grab some food in person, here’s the menu.

That’s it for today. I probably won’t do a COVID-19 press conference recap this afternoon unless something unexpected develops. Back in the morning with more news.