Thursday update

Great news for Downtown. A recent City Council ordinance bans aftermarket modified mufflers that make cars super loud, like we hear Sunday afternoons/evenings as well as other times during the week. Violators get not just a citation, but they get dragged into court where the judge can order a mandatory replacement. There’s community funding in place for the replacements, so car owners won’t be able to protest they can’t afford to get it done.

You know what I’d like to do sometime? Interview a loud person. Not necessarily somebody who drives a car with one of those mufflers, but it could be. Or someone who talks loud enough in a restaurant for the entire room to hear. What benefit do you get from being so loud? Why do you feel the need to announce your presence to all within earshot?

If I can’t get a loud person to answer these questions, do I have a psychiatrist or psychologist out there who could?

Plans have been submitted for the first building that will be part of The Walk on Union complex. In addition to its namesake street, the building will border Danny Thomas, Gayoso, and a new street being called “Fifth Street.”

The city got some great news yesterday. Memphis has been accepted into a federal vaccination program that will bring 21,000 additional COVID-19 vaccines and the support to administer them, bringing the total number of vaccines available in the county this week to more than 50,000. Memphis is one of the first cities to become part of this program. Other participant cities are Milwaukee and St. Louis, as well as Greenbelt, MA and Gary, IN. It’s part of President Biden’s plan to have vaccines within 5 miles of everyone. Presidential leadership! Thank you Joe!

Carolina Watershed will host an Easter Funday this Sunday starting at 2. Free Easter egg hunts, sectioned off by age. Adam Levin of Heart Memphis Music will perform live. Brunch 11-3, lunch/dinner menu after that.

Following their NIT win, three Memphis Tigers players have entered the NCAA transfer portal: Boogie Ellis, Damion Baugh, and D.J. Jeffries.

The Sheraton Hotel seeks a Controller. This looks like a night position.

The DM has an article on the Orpheum’s upcoming “Hidden” tour, to take place April 29. Participants will get to look inside the organ chamber and see basements multiple levels deep. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – the folks at the theater would not have time to do this if the season were in full swing. This is a virtual tour. Tickets

Today is National Burrito Day.

Quick and inexpensive snack attack idea from the trolls & me. All of this stuff can be purchased at DGX:

Mendatius with the fresh peppers, $2.95 for a resealable bag of about 10. None of these peppers are hot, by the way, not even the purple one.

Socially Distant Perjorie with a 16-ounce tub of French onion dip ($2) and a 4.25-ounce bag of jalapeno kettle potato chips

So good. The spiciness of the kettle potato chips is balanced by bites of the peppers. Of course, everything gets dipped in the sour cream.

That’s it for today’s post. Back tomorrow with more news.