Troll the ancient Samhain carol… fa la la la la, la la la la

Special guest post
by Perjorie T. Roll

Greetings and salutations, my fellow citizens of Memphis. I’m Perjorie, Paul’s troll. In case you forgot what I look like, here’s a pic of meeeeeee!

I was about to tear into a Honey Sriracha hot wing from the Flying Saucer. It was sooooo good. Give them a try if you like spicy food. Christina is working  day shift today, maybe I can talk Paul into going to see her!

Anyway, Paul is taking a little time to put his costume on, so I volunteered to totally bring the blogging excellence today. Paul asked me to make a list of what is going on today, like he did yesterday. There’s less happening than there was yesterday, because Saturday is the big party night, but I’ll see what I can find.

Atomic Rose – Spooktacular Rainbow Brunch with food service starting at 11 and a drag show hosted by Bella DuBalle at 12:30; bingo with Pattie O’ at 2

Bass Pro at the Pyramid – Trick-or-treating 3-6 PM

B.B. King’s – The Blues Trio 11:30 AM; Flic’s Pics Band 3 PM; Divercity 7:30 PM

Blind Bear – Second day of their Saturday-Monday 3-day Halloween celebration

Blues City Band Box – FreeWorld, 8 PM

Cannon Center – Je’Caryous Johnson presents “Set It Off”; tickets from $47

Earnestine & Hazel’s – They have a throwback DJ in the back room (5 Spot) on Sunday nights

Elmwood Cemetery – True Crimes of Bygone Times: A Cemetery Tour 3-5:30 PM $20 (sold out)

FedExForum – Memphis Tigers vs. Lane College Dragons, 1 PM

Ghost River on Beale – Pam & Terry 3:30-6:30 PM

Loflin Yard – Grassfire Bluegrass Band, noon

Moxy Memphis – Post-Halloween-party recovery IV Hydration Station by Elite Total Wellness 10 AM-2 PM

Rum Boogie Cafe – Eric Hughes (solo) 4:30-7:30; Vince Johnson at night

Tin Roof – Evil Dead Brunch with bottomless mimosas starting at 11 AM

Wiseacre Downtown – 20% off six-packs sale continues today

I met some creepy dolls this past week. Would you like to see them?

Are you a fan of puppets that look like old people? The Golden Girls Show – A Puppet Parody comes to the Halloran Centre next Friday-Sunday. It’s been rescheduled from February 28 when distancing restrictions were still in effect.

The Silly Goose got new bar stools in yesterday. Here’s me standing on one of them:

And here’s me standing next to a goose who’s thinking, “What kind of crack this fool been smokin’.”

Paul and I heard several people say they were setting their clocks forward yesterday. Paul asked me to post this public service announcement:

  • The time change happens on the first Sunday in November. Today is the last Sunday in October. We’re not in November yet, so no time change this weekend.
  • We fall back an hour for the November time change. We spring forward in March.
  • Daylight Time ends on the first Sunday in November, and Standard Time begins. Daylight Time returns in March.

The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center opened its first Health Hub at 534 N. Second. The Health Hub will give people and trolls who live in the Uptown neighborhood better access to health care.

Here’s me with a fried jalapeno bite from Flying Fish:

Memphis 901 FC beat Indy Eleven in the final match of the regular season last night. As the third-place time in the USL Eastern Conference’s Central Division, 901 FC will hit the road to play Charlotte Independence, the second-place team in the Atlantic Division in the playoff first round.

Memphis’ other team playing at home last night, the Grizzlies, didn’t do as well, losing to the Miami Heat 129-103.

Here’s me with the corned beef hash that was the brunch special at Bardog a week ago yesterday:

The first rankings of the season by the College Football Playoff Committee will be released Tuesday night. Fun fact: Paul and I were sitting next to Michigan State Heisman candidate Kenneth Walker III’s former English teacher at Bardog yesterday.

Here’s me with the Shrimp Lo Mein from Stix Downtown:

Paul tried to upload this pic twice last week and got an HTTP error both times. For me, it went right up without a problem. If you need something important done, ask a troll to do it. This is the Stix food that came with that yummy cup of teriyaki sauce. Paul said he highly recommends it.

Did you know that my birthday is coming up? I will be FIVE YEARS OLD on December 7! I’m glad Paul let me write this post today, because it’ll give everyone plenty of time to go out and buy presents.

Time to get this party started. We’re off to the Blind Bear for the second day of their 3-day celebration. Paul said to tell his readers that church is not the only place they might find Jesus today. Happy Halloween!